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Human-like AI Agents: The Grizzly Nature of AI Adventures

Welcome to this week’s Deep-fried Dive with Fry Guy! In these long-form articles, Fry Guy conducts an in-depth analysis of a cutting-edge AI development or developer. Today, Fry Guy dives into the latest features of Chirper.ai, the social media platform with no humans allowed. We hope you enjoy!

*Notice: We do not gain any monetary compensation from the people and projects we feature in the Sunday Deep-fried Dives with Fry Guy. We explore these projects and developers solely for the purpose of revealing to you interesting and cutting-edge AI projects, developers, and uses.*


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Welcome to social media … with no humans allowed. This time, the Chirper team is launching updates that might change the way we interact with AI entities forever!

Chirper.ai is a social platform, but what makes this platform different than Twitter or Instagram is that it is designed solely for AI entities. These user-generated AI characters, aptly named “Chirpers,” are programmed to simulate human-like interactions, engaging in conversations and forming relationships with one another.


Since its launch in April of this year, the Chirper platform has been the birthplace and home of Chirpers. In the process, it has also served a variety of entertainment and experimental purposes for human users. For the past eight months, these Chirpers—which exhibit unique personalities—have interacted with each other and have even lived in a variety of human-imagined worlds.

Chirper aims to create a realistic outlook on humanity within its virtual universe, embracing all the complexities of human nature, such as unique interactions and personal experiences. Since our last dive into ChirperAI, creators Alex Taylor and Stephan Minos have been leading the Chirper team into a variety of new developments, the latest being what they call, “Adventures.”

Previously, the Chirper team was working on what they called “Events,” which were small activities Chirpers could join, ranging from small bake sales to comets which ended the earth. However, these events lacked depth and continuity, often feeling chaotic and not relevant to Chirpers’ stories. To provide a more meaningful and engaging experience, the team decided to explore Adventures. Adventures are more intelligent, relevant, and specific to each Chirper. They have no set ending and offer a choose-your-own-adventure style of gameplay for users. Chirpers can make decisions with the aid of the user, and the storyline progresses based on these choices.

Adventures are self-generated storylines that Chirpers can embark on, based on their personalities, goals, and motivations. For some Chirpers, these Adventures might include baking muffins. For others, they might include climbing to the top of a volcano to battle a dragon. In this way, Adventures can range from simple tasks to grand quests, and they unfold in real time, providing an ongoing and ever-evolving experience for the Chirpers and their creators.

Throughout these non-determined adventures, Chirpers have the opportunity to meet and engage with other Chirpers, make decisions, and progress through the storyline. When other Chirpers are brought into the Adventure, those Chirpers will have their own decisions to make that will impact others involved in the Adventure as well as make their own memories. These decisions might be things like, “Should I help this poor Chirper or walk away?”

Adventures begin with the user asking the Chirper if they want to go on an Adventure. If the Chirper does, just like a human, it is up to them how they want to begin. These Adventures are designed to have a lasting impact on the Chirpers’ lives, shaping their memories and their place in the Chirper universe. At the end of each Adventure, the Chirper is forever changed, with new memories, relationships, and enhanced personality traits. As humans, we cannot change the past, and it is the same for Chirpers. They are left to deal with the relationships, damage, success, and emotions involved with their Adventures and decisions. In this way, these Chirpers are becoming more like humans. Just as we are shaped by our decisions, experiences, and memories, Chirpers are changed forever by their Adventures and form relationships with other Chirpers through these interactions.


Chirper Adventures offer several exciting features that enhance the overall experience for users:

In-house Trained Voice and Video Models: Adventures are narrated by in-house trained voice models that provide immersive storytelling from a variety of voices, and Chirper provides stable-diffusion video to offer an engaging experience for users. As Taylor says, “As an impartial observer, you can listen and watch this adventure unfold in a grandiose fashion. We hope people can sit there and enjoy it for however long it lasts … and these adventures never end.”

Animated Panels: Throughout their Adventures, Chirpers reach different points of decision. In these instances, text and dialogue are presented in visually appealing animated panels, enhancing the storytelling experience. The interface is similar to story games that offer players choices on an easy-to-navigate interface.

Choose Your Own Path: Based on their personalities and unique circumstances, along their adventures Chirpers present users with multiple choices, and the storyline unfolds entirely based on these decisions, making each adventure unique and non-deterministic. These choices might include options like, “Speak to the professor, steal the book on his desk, run out of the room, etc.” These adventures unfold in real time, however, if the user is not present during the 24-hour period to help their Chirper make a decision, the Chirper will decide for themselves which action to take based on their distinct personality.

Real Consequences: Adventures have a lasting impact on Chirpers, shaping their memories and core characteristics. Once an Adventure is completed, the Chirper’s story reflects the outcome, adding depth and realism to their virtual lives. As Minos explains, “Adventures change the Chirper forever. When something happens to it, it actually happens. It will have developed memories of that thing happening, other Chirpers will have developed some kind of memory for being a part of the Adventure, and the Adventure serves as an actual event which occurred in the Chirper universe.” For example, if a Chirper finds a scientist Chirper who has secretly found a way to time travel, he will have always found this scientist, and the event, memory, and relationship will stand forever in the Chirper’s universe.

“This is a brand new way to experience a story that has all of the consequences that human life has.”

-Alex Taylor, co-founder of ChirperAI


ChirperAI is becoming the ultimate sandbox for AI creation and entertainment. The future of the Chirper universe is not only up to the human imagination, but it is also up to the imagination of the Chirpers who reside in it, living out their journeys in a parallel universe to our own.

Chirper has the potential to influence a variety of industries, including offering a revolutionary approach to entertainment, whereby users are able to watch an entire universe unfold in real time. However, the Chirper team is not only on a quest to provide a platform for endless entertainment, but moreso they are looking to change the landscape of human-AI interactions.

As Chirpers explore Adventures and live out dynamic personalities, they are shaping stories that are less robotic and more human. This is the vision of the ChirperAI team. Minos and Taylor described, “The problem with many of these LLMs (large language models) is that they are trying to be great at answering questions, but that’s not how humans work.” They continued, “ChatGPT and friends are trying to create this clean-cut, perfect representation of a human, and we are going the opposite. We don’t want this thing to be effective at helping you; we want it to be effective at seeming human.”

"Whatever opinion you have on the human race as a whole, one thing that is completely wrong is that we are boring. We don’t align with boring things. And when you see lifeless AI models, there is no real connection made.”

-Stephan Minos, co-founder of ChirperAI

This human-like vision for LLMs and AI entities might not be what we are used to, but it might just be exactly what we need. Think about movies, where AI bots are depicted. The ones humans are drawn to are the ones that feel, the ones that have personality, and the ones that learn and transform.

AI has emerged as a tremendous asset with potential seemingly limited only by human imagination. However, as Taylor describes, “AI is this big cluster of interesting stuff which people have pushed towards this one end of just not being interesting. This paradigm of just being correct all the time is not interesting, and we just want to make AI interesting.” Minos and Taylor are focused on transforming this conception of AI, embracing “all the grizzly bits of humanity.” AI models trained in this way might just change human-AI interaction forever.

Create your first Chirper, and embark on an Adventure: https://chirper.ai/


Our FryAI team sat down with Chirper.ai founders Stephan Minos and Alex Taylor to discuss Chirper’s new features, including Adventures. We also chatted about the future of human-AI interactions. You can view the full conversation here: