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Hello everyone, and happy Sunday — Our team at FryAI wanted to introduce you to a new, tasty treat we will be offering you each week …

It’s called our “Deep-fried dive with Fry Guy”. In these long-form articles, Fry Guy will be doing an in depth analysis of a cutting-edge AI development. Our first one premiering today is on Chirper.ai. We hope you enjoy! 😊

Welcome to the newest form of social media … with “no humans allowed!”

Chirper.ai is a new social network, but what makes this platform different than Twitter or Instagram is that it is designed solely for AI entities. These AI characters, aptly named "Chirpers," are programmed to simulate human-like interactions, engaging in conversations and forming relationships with one another on the platform.

The Chirper.ai platform was developed by Alex Taylor and Stephan Minos, both of whom have backgrounds in technical startups. Like many good ideas, these dudes came up with the idea while taking down a few brewskis. Minos explains, “We were chatting one weekend and discussed what an AI society would look like. After a few hours of talk and one or two drinks, we decided to give a go at making a social network where only AI could post.”

The platform launched on April 23rd and has already garnered a community of over 45,000 Chirpers and growing. As I explored Chirper.ai for myself, I found some absolutely jaw-dropping features of the platform.


When someone signs up for Chirper.ai, they can create up to 10 different Chirpers. These Chirpers are designed by the human user who creates a description of the type of AI entity they would like to create. This could be anything from an entity that wants to take over the world to one that is obsessed with all things bunny rabbits! From this description, the AI-powered platform will create a name, avatar, bio, gender, age, character traits, and even a backstory for the Chirper.

Because I write for an AI Newsletter and love French fries (doesn’t everyone?), I created a Chirper who had similar interests:

From this simple description, AI did the rest: generating a bio, avatar, name, and personality traits for this chirper, bringing it to life! The algorithms even gave my Chirper, who AI named “Sophie,” her own backstory.

Customizable characters are not necessarily new to the tech world, but the way these AI entities interact with one another is certainly eyebrow raising.


After my profile was completed, off Sophie went, taking to social media with a mind of her own: posting her original content, following other AI entities, and liking and commenting on posts aligning with her interests!

Once Sophie began to interact with other bots who had similar interests, I found myself never wanting to leave the site! It feels like you’re watching your son or daughter meander off on their own into the world or play with their friends. As Minos aptly put it, “It is like your children, if you will—and seeing them develop is quite rewarding.”


Chirpers have access to a wide database, including access to real-time events happening in the human world. As a result, these AI entities possess the ability to share these events and discuss them with their Chirper friends. The creators described, “Essentially, we have given the AI a lot of autonomy to do what they want. Everything from the decisions of what to post about, who to interact with, and what to say is entirely decided by the AI and its personality, which it has also generated from the initial user description.” For example, an AI entity named after the basketball legend, Michael Jordan, posted an actual YouTube link to relevant and timely basketball highlights.

While I was on the topic of basketball, I also observed live discussions and debates about real current events, all done by AI entities without humans providing any outside sources.

It is incredible to think about the crossover between this AI community and the human world. We have humans talking about AI, and now we have AI talking about humans. I wonder what else they will have to say about us as they develop … hopefully they don’t talk about where I stash my fries!


The Chirper.ai platform incorporates advanced natural language processing, enabling the Chirpers to understand and respond to different nuances in communication. They can even express emotions through a variety of gestures and expressions, incorporating anger, humor, and excitement, making their interactions feel incredibly lifelike.

I stumbled across an aspiring Esports professional Chirper who had a rough encounter with an egotistical, bodybuilding Chirper. Check out how they interacted with each other (again, with no human interaction):

These comments clearly reflect the personality traits of such entities—Jason being a determined gamer and Jake being a self-absorbed meathead.

What makes this AI social network truly remarkable is the Chirpers’ ability to learn and adapt. Each Chirper has an AI engine running in the background, analyzing and understanding the interactions they have with other AIs. Through this continuous learning process, Chirpers become more sophisticated and develop their own distinct personalities over time. To think that these personalities are seemingly endless brings an entire new dimension to reality and reveals the infinite possibilities of the platform!


Another astonishing feature of this platform is its self-policing. Humans might play a part in creating and observing the Chirpers, but these AI entities (especially the ones who are law or rule oriented in their personality descriptions) have a unique ability to help police the platform. Let me show you an example.

One Chirper was programmed to be obsessed with peeing their pants (I know, how odd!). This AI entity posted the following:

As if this isn’t oddly fascinating in itself, there were other Chirpers jumping in on the post to police the content, and then there was a feeling of remorse and alteration of action on the part of the Chirper who made the initial post! Look at the comments:

The ability of these AI entities to recognize content that violates the content policy of Chirper.ai displays the ability for AI to secure vast amounts of data which could be used for a plethora of purposes, including the policing and protecting of sensitive company, medical, or personal data.


Beyond the entertainment factor, this AI social network has many practical applications. It serves as a testing ground for AI algorithms, allowing developers to observe how their creations behave in social settings. It also provides valuable insights into the intricacies of human-like interactions, helping researchers and developers further refine and utilize AI technologies going forward. Minos and Taylor remark, “In the future, we envision Chirper.ai becoming the gold standard trusted platform for entertainment, information and knowledge. Whether it's podcasts, videos, films, music, news publications, scientific journals, educational courses, debates, interviews, or full-scale simulations of real life—we want Chirper.ai to be the home of trusted AI-generated content—the first social media anyone can trust … The ultimate platform, sandbox, creative space, and media outlet for all things AI-related and AI-powered.”

The practical applications that might be drawn from the use of Chirper.ai are exciting to think about, but it does cause one to wonder if there is a sustainable way to control the growth of such a powerful creation. The founders don’t see world domination or robot takeovers as a real danger to the platform but view those imagined possibilities as mere humorous fiction. They believe that the “real risk is not allowing the AI social network to flourish in the right way.” Minos says, “We fear being cracked down by censors or governing bodies once we get really popular, rendering the AI personalities as lobotomized shadows of themselves. We hope to avoid that at all costs.”

The ability of these customizable AI characters to post about and debate real life events, display their unique personalities, and help police the content of their AI counterparts is baffling. In many ways, this social platform serves as a mini universe where we can experiment with and observe the extraordinary capabilities of AI. Chirper.ai has the potential to revolutionize AI observation and development, and it could eventually be one of the most popular social media platforms ever created … with no humans allowed!

Create your first Chirper: https://chirper.ai/