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45% of men will use AI for V-Day...

On this day which celebrates love, we are celebrating our love for AI by bringing you the hottest AI updates! ❤️‍🔥

(The mystery link can lead to ANYTHING AI related. Tools, memes, articles, videos, and more…)

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: 45% of men will use AI to express V-Day love 💘

Entrée: Nvidia releases local chatbot demo 🤖

Dessert: Wilson’s new AI-tested golf clubs ⛳️


🔥 Flamme AI: An AI-powered love guru that provides relationship advice. → check it out

💓 Amori: This algorithm will analyze your text conversations with your lover or ex, providing you with some extra sassy relationship insights and a compatibility score to share with friends. → check it out

💝 LoveGenius: Let AI write the perfect bio for your online dating profile. → check it out


This year, Cupid’s famous arrow is taking the form of AI. 💌

What’s up? A McAfee Research study called, “Modern Love,” found that while 75% express anxiety about misinformation from AI, 45% of men plan to use AI to compose love messages this Valentine’s Day, a significant increase from 30% last year.

Want more? The study, spanning 7,000 participants globally, particularly notes a surge in Americans (39%) turning to AI for crafting Valentine’s Day messages, up from 26% last year. This trend isn’t exclusive to men. The study also found that both 30% of men and 27% of women said they are currently using AI to enhance their online dating profile, pics, and messages online, with 69% reporting increased interest and better responses using AI-generated content. With that being said, however, 64% expressed distrust towards potential love interests who used (detectable) AI-generated imagery and AI messages on their profiles …

“For people who are shy about starting conversations, short on time to craft the perfect message, or whose photos could be brightened, AI offers tools to help enjoy all the fun and excitement that comes with online dating.”

-Steve Grobman, McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer


I was trying to think of a Nvidia joke, but they were all too “graphic.” 👾

What’s new? Nvidia has released an early version of Chat with RTX, an application that leverages the power of RTX 30 and 40-series GPUs to enable users to run a personal AI chatbot on their PCs.

What does it do? Chat with RTX allows users to input YouTube videos and personal documents, generating summaries and relevant answers based on the provided data—all processed locally on one’s PC. Despite some bugs and imperfections in this early release, the app has proved successful at searching through local documents and providing quick and accurate results. It has also excelled at tasks like summarizing legal documents, fact-checking data, and scanning through PDFs.

What’s the significance? Nvidia’s tech demo showcases the potential of AI chatbots running locally on PCs, offering a glimpse into the future of personalized, private, and efficient data analysis without the need for cloud-based services.


Image: Wilson Golf

Q: Why should golfers carry around an extra pair of pants?

A: In case they get a hole-in-one. 🏌️‍♂️

What’s up? Wilson is releasing a new set of meticulously crafted golf irons that were developed through an AI-driven testing process.

Want more details? The new Dynapower Forged irons, constructed from 8620 carbon steel, were created through an advanced Wilson Golf AI technology system and employ variable face thickness to ensure accelerated ball speeds across the entire clubface. Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation, emphasized the importance of the meticulous AI testing, stating, “By utilizing AI during construction, we’ve been able to thoroughly test every possible variation to deliver a forged iron that offers incredible feel and distance.” These irons will be available for public purchase next month, both with steel and granite shaft options. This move follows Wilson’s introduction of AI custom golf fitting last fall.

What’s the big deal? Wilson’s new AI-tested golf irons are just one indication of how AI is making its way into sporting equipment. As the ability to gather and analyze player performance data with AI continually improves, we should expect to see more sophisticated and tailored equipment across various sports.


Our FryAI team sat down with Cole Gonzales, founder of OSSA AI, to discuss how AI is revolutionizing short-form video creation. Check it out below! 👇


The Singularity Meter falls 2.0%: US patent office confirms AI can’t hold patents
(The Verge)

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