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The world’s first AI personal computer

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Good morning, lovers of knowledge and explorers of technology! We are here to satisfy your hunger for the latest AI updates. 🍽️

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: A new way to prevent deepfakes 👥

Entrée: Google to invest in CharacterAI 🤖

Dessert: The world’s first AI personal computer 💻


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Photo: Washington University in Saint Louis

From Scarlett Johansson to Tom Hanks to Mr. Beast, AI deepfakes are coming for public figures of all kinds! 👁️

What’s new? Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis are developing innovative solutions to prevent the spread of deepfake videos and voice. Their “AntiFake” tool aims to disrupt AI systems by scrambling audio signals during the content creation process. By confusing the AI model while maintaining normalcy to the human ear, AntiFake provides a proactive defense against voice cloning.

How is this better? While other detection technologies, like Google's SynthID and Meta's Stable Signature, embed digital watermarks to identify AI-generated content, these watermarks serve more as a legal cover for the companies and less as a cover for the people, as these watermarks can be easily manipulated and deleted. The AntiFake technology aims to get to the source of the problem: the ability to scrape and manipulate voice.

"Generative AI has become such an enabling technology that we think will change the world. However when it's being misused, there has to be a way to build up a layer of defense."

-Ning Zhang, researcher at Washington University in St. Louis


I searched Google for "how to start a large fire” … I got 52,000 matches. 😆

What’s up? Google is making yet another substantial investment, this time in discussions with AI startup Character.AI.

What is CharacterAI? CharacterAI specializes in crafting chatbots that emulate historical figures and fictional characters. Having secured $150 million in earlier investments, the startup now seeks additional funding, valuing the company at an impressive $5 billion.

Why the investment? The ongoing collaboration between Google and CharacterAI, initiated in May 2023, laid the foundation for the AI startup's core infrastructure, utilizing Google Cloud Spanner to achieve remarkable petaflop performance. This new potential investment, estimated to be in the hundreds of millions, aims to propel the development of novel chatbot models for Google.


What is an “AI PC”? Nobody is entirely sure, but whatever it is, I want one! 👨‍💻

What’s up? Asus is gearing up to revolutionize the computing landscape by launching the world's first AI PC in 2024, as revealed by co-CEO Samson Hu during a technology forum in Taiwan.

What will it be built with? The convergence of two significant technological developments in 2024 is expected to catalyze the emergence of these high-performance AI PCs. Microsoft's integration of Copilot AI features into Windows and popular applications is already underway, and Intel is slated to debut Meteor Lake systems in early 2024, featuring a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for accelerated local AI processing. Concurrently, AMD is poised to release desktop Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) with AI acceleration in January 2024.

When will the PC be available? Asus sees 2024 as a foundational year for AI PCs, with a projected single-digit market penetration until 2025 or beyond. Despite these conservative expectations, the company's investors remain enthusiastic, claiming that this innovation is set to "redefine the PC with AI" and anticipating "rapid technological advancements in the era of AI PC." This announcement follows Humane AI’s release of the AI pin, underscoring the push for innovative hardware solutions to better interact with the rapid growth of AI advancements.



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