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Will robot love replace human love?

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Appetizer: Google tests an AI journalist 📰

Entrée: Will robot love replace human love? 💞

Dessert: How will AI transform the service industry? 🍽


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Q: Why did Google marry the wifi router?

A: They had a great connection. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

What’s up? Google is currently conducting tests on an in-house product called Genesis, designed to analyze information and generate news stories.

How does it work? Google's vision behind Genesis is to provide users with highly personalized and relevant news content. By analyzing individual preferences, search history, and interests, the AI system can tailor news articles to match the specific needs of each user, offering a more engaging and informative experience. Moreover, the technology incorporates natural language processing and sentiment analysis, ensuring that the generated articles maintain accuracy, coherence, and objectivity. With its commitment to transparency, Google assures users that the AI system is designed to prioritize ethical considerations, safeguarding against potential misuse or dissemination of fake news.

What does this mean? There is no doubt that AI will have an impact on journaling, but it is not certain that AI will be able to replace human journalists altogether. Google affirms this, and says that AI will be a tool or “personal assistant” used by journalists rather than their replacements … at least for now. 👀


People are falling in love with robots … and many are not sure what to think. 🤷‍♂️

What’s up? Mo Gawdat, former chief business officer for Google X, warned that AI could lead to a "very significant redesign of love and relationships."

How can AI transform relationships? Gawdat and many others believe this field is a major area of interest and growth. Why should we deal with the pitfalls and faults of other humans when we could design our own, customized life-like partner? As Gawdat said, “Maybe those robots will be much nicer than a girlfriend." As AI’s ability to replicate personalities and give humans physically and mentally stimulating interactions improves, we could see many taking to this alternative.

Are bot relationships good or bad? Many believe we live in a “society of despair” where people are more disconnected and lonely than ever. Others believe that the growth of technology has made the world smaller and communication easier. Amidst this backdrop, AI companionship—like most things—could be used for good or for bad. For some, it will teach necessary social skills and allow people to have “friends” when they struggle to relate to other people. For others, it will alienate them from authentic human interaction and cause deeper loneliness. For now, this is mere speculation, but surely we will see how this plays out on a wider scale as more and more developed relationship bots become available and more widely used.


Every day we get closer and closer to AI-generated french fries … 🍟

What’s up? Glenn Tait, the product director of UK-based hospitality tech firm Zonal, believes AI could transform the service industry. He imagines a scenario where AI is capable of taking customers' orders at restaurants while also identifying regular customers and their typical preferences.

How will AI impact the service industry? We have heard of robot chefs, but Tait says, "AI isn’t all about robot chefs … Such technology could be used to offer regular customers something personal, such as ‘a glass of the usual’ or their favorite spot by the window … We could also see AI being used to understand how a customer is feeling, if they look unhappy or they have been waiting too long for their main meal, technology could prompt a staff visit to the table.”

Tait outlined 6 ways that he believes AI will shape the service industry:

  1. Automating restaurant bookings and responses

  2. Improving stock management

  3. Forward planning and getting ahead

  4. Hyper-personalizing the customer experience

  5. Predictive maintenance

  6. Facial recognition

What does this mean? Although Tait’s analysis of the potential for AI in the service industry seems legitimate, it still seems like a pretty long way off. Implementations of these kinds, especially in a large scale, will be a gradual process and involve a lot of restaurants “guinea pigging” these developments. 🐹


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