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Would you wear an AI-powered body cam?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to a new year of AI news, videos, updates, tools, and community engagement. Our resolution? To eat more French fries, of course! 🥳

(The mystery link can lead to ANYTHING AI related. Tools, memes, articles, videos, and more…)

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: The first AI-powered body cam 👀

Entrée: Microsoft introduces first AI PCs 💻

Dessert: Microsoft releases Copilot for IOS 📱


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SLIMDESIGN’s PhoneCam (Photo: BNN)

AI will keep its eye out for you … 👁️

What’s new? In response to surging personal safety concerns, SLIMDESIGN has introduced PhoneCam, the world’s first AI-powered, compact body camera tailored for individual use.

What does it look like? Weighing a mere 20 grams, PhoneCam is lighter and more compact than a classic BIC lighter, redefining personal safety technology. Beyond its sleek design, this miniaturized AI bodycam is poised to extend the utility of such devices beyond law enforcement, catering to personal security, elderly care, and even serving as a vehicle dashcam. Equipped with a magnet mount and an optional jacket clip, it seamlessly attaches to clothing, backpacks, or bikes. The device synchronizes with smartphones, utilizing their microphone, CPU, and connectivity to facilitate recording and emergency alerts through a dedicated app. A noteworthy feature includes the ability to set up emergency contacts, who receive location data and a live video feed during an alarm. Future updates will integrate advanced AI for facial, object, and scene recognition, providing users with invaluable information and safety suggestions. Addressing data security concerns, SLIMDESIGN ensures that recorded videos remain inaccessible to the company, stored securely on U.S. servers.

When will it be available? PhoneCam is anticipated to hit the market early this year (2024), priced at $69. PhoneCam’s pricing model also includes a free subscription plan for local loop recording and limited alarm functionality, with a premium plan offering cloud storage and enhanced features.


Q: Why are Microsoft employees never relaxed?

A: Because they’re always on “Edge.” 😆

What’s new? Microsoft is set to revolutionize personal computing with the imminent release of AI-focused versions of the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6.

What are the new PCs? Scheduled for a 2024 debut, these devices will coincide with the launch of a new Windows version, creating a trifecta of excitement for Windows, Surface, and AI enthusiasts. The devices, internally referred to as “CADMUS” PCs, will offer a choice between Intel and Arm processors, catering to diverse user preferences. The Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 will not only boast AI capabilities but will also undergo design overhauls. Featuring sleeker rounded designs, the Surface Laptop 6 will incorporate additional USB ports and a haptic touchpad. On the other hand, the Surface Pro 10 will showcase rounded corners and a cutting-edge HDR-compliant display aimed at reducing glare.


Image: Microsoft

We aren’t done talking about Microsoft yet! 🦾

What’s new? Microsoft has expanded its Copilot app to iOS and iPadOS, shortly after its Android debut last week.

What is the Copilot app? The app, available on the Apple App Store, grants users access to Microsoft Copilot, mirroring the functionality of OpenAI’s ChatGPT mobile app. Users can ask questions, compose emails, and summarize text, with an added feature allowing image creation through integration with the text-to-image generator DALL-E 3. Microsoft's Copilot stands out by offering access to GPT-4, the latest large language model from OpenAI, without requiring a subscription fee. This stands in contrast to ChatGPT’s free version which utilizes only GPT-3.5.

What’s the significance? By extending Copilot across Android and Apple platforms, alongside creating a distinct web experience, Microsoft has created easy access for users of all devices and has thus demonstrated its commitment to enhancing user interaction with AI chatbots.



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