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How video games are getting "faster, cheaper, and better"

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Appetizer: AI spam calls are surging 📞

Entrée: “Faster, cheaper, and better” video games 🎮

Dessert: AI unearths rare elements 💎


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🚨 AI spam calls are at an all-time high!

What happened? Scammers have taken over $10 billion from Americans over the past year, and with the use of AI voice generation, this number is continuing to grow at record rates. One mother said she answered a phone call from an unknown number and heard what sounded like the voice of her panicking daughter, who was begging to be saved from kidnappers. “I hear her saying, ‘Mom, these bad men have me. Help me. Help me. Help me.’ And even just saying it just gives me chills.” The mother described what happened next: ”This man gets on and he says, ‘Listen here. I have your daughter. If you call anybody, you call the police, I'm gonna pump your daughter so full of drugs, I'm gonna have my way with her, I'm gonna drop her in Mexico, and you're never gonna see your daughter again.’” The scammer then asked her for money. Although it was found out that the daughter was safe and the whole thing was a scam, is does raise questions about who was behind the call and how they generated thee daughter’s voice. The answer? AI.

How does this problem get solved? Some say regulatory measures would help prevent these sort of scams, but it’s difficult to see how. It only takes a few seconds of social media content for AI to recreate someone’s voice, and this can be manipulated in any way the scammer desires. The best safety measure seems to be awareness.


Q: Why did the gamer play so many video games after his breakup?

A: He needed to “console” himself.

What’s up? Unity Technology’s CEO John Riccitiello said AI is making games “faster, cheaper, and better.” Unity’s software is used in at least 70% of mobile games today.

How is AI improving the industry? Generative AI has the remarkable ability to optimize the entire design process, encompassing intricate phenomena such as the sun's reflection on a single blade of grass or the behavior of non-playable characters (NPCs) in video games. This revolutionary technology has the potential to enhance major gaming titles like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto by efficiently managing every aspect of dialogue, environmental intricacies, and lighting effects. Moreover, AI-powered tools could drastically accelerate video game testing, fine-tuning, and debugging processes. By simulating in-game scenarios at a fraction of the time it would take developers, these advanced AI tools have the potential to significantly enhance efficiency and productivity. As Riccitiello said, “The most ambitious companies are going to use AI to make things even more entertaining and more engaging than it was ever possible.”

How will this impact jobs? Riccitiello said, “I don't think anybody's job on the creation side is going to be taken by an AI, but it will get taken by a human using AI … Those people are going to be more productive, and they're going to just force multiply their ability to realize what they can conceive.”


People have been digging for minerals and other rare elements, when better time could be spent digging into a heaping pile of fries! 🍟

What’s new? Using the correlations found in mineral combinations, an innovative machine learning algorithm has proven the ability to anticipate the location of minerals on earth and, potentially, on other planets as well.

How does it work? Shaunna Morrison and Anirudh Prabhu led a research team that developed a machine learning system utilizing the Mineral Evolution Database. This extensive database contains information on 295,583 mineral localities and 5,478 distinct mineral species. To validate their model, the researchers conducted experiments in the Tecopa basin, a recognized Mars analog environment situated within the Mojave Desert. The model demonstrated its ability to identify significant geological minerals, such as uraninite alteration, rutherfordine, andersonite, schröckingerite, bayleyite, and zippeite. Moreover, it effectively pinpointed potential areas rich in critical rare earth elements and lithium minerals, including monazite-(Ce), allanite-(Ce), and spodumene.

Why is this useful? This procedure has previously relied on personal expertise coupled with a significant element of luck. The utilization and progress of AI in this domain holds tremendous significance for various fields of science, as investigations continue in mineral reservoirs to uncover the Earth's past and extract valuable resources for practical purposes.


Governments continue to posture that they’re going to “get tough” on AI, when it reality hardly any new laws are being implemented to control AI.

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