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US Senate proposes AI legislation

It’s FRY-day! Grab your cajun seasoning, because today’s news is a little spicy. 🍟

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: US Senate proposes AI legislation 👨‍⚖️

Entrée: UK to host world’s first AI summit 🇬🇧

Dessert: Zuckerberg all in on AI 🤖


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Sound the alarms! The a government is beginning to move on AI. 🚨

What’s up? A bipartisan group of senators are proposing new legislation that focuses on addressing the growth of AI and its utilization by US adversaries. The proponents of the bill argue that this act will enhance America's ability to compete globally, provide valuable insights to policymakers, and fortify the USA’s position in strategic AI advancements.

What is the bill? The proposed “Global Technology Leadership Act” entails the creation of a specialized office. This office, to be known as the Office of Global Competition Analysis, would be composed of knowledgeable individuals from the intelligence community, the Pentagon, and related agencies. Their primary responsibility would be to evaluate the nation's competitiveness in vital technologies like AI, especially when compared to countries like China. To carry out these assessments, they would utilize a combination of AI data and commercially available information from the private sector.

This new legislation might seem like a small step towards AI regulation and safe development, but one small step for government … is one giant leap for AI innovation! 🚀


Bigwigs get together to discuss bigwig things … and now some of these discussions will be about AI. 🤖

What happened? British prime minister, Rishi Sunak, announced that the UK will hold the world’s first summit on AI sometime later this year. Sunak said, ”AI has an incredible potential to transform our lives for the better. But we need to make sure it is developed and used in a way that is safe and secure.” He is also pitching for a future global AI regulator to be based in London, and he believes this would help keep everyone on the same page when it comes to mitigating AI risks.

Why is this important? Sunak, like many world leaders, believes that safe and sustainable AI development is only achievable if countries work together and collaborate their efforts. This Summit will open the dialogue and promote sustainable AI efforts worldwide.

This Summit will allow for open and effective communication between country leaders and AI experts. And effective communication is important to make anything work—just ask my ex-girlfriend! 💔


It’s hard to find a social platform that isn’t implementing AI in at least some capacity. Now, Meta is getting in on it!

What happened? Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared an initiative with his employees that involves integrating generative AI text, image, and video generators into their core products, including Facebook and Instagram. Zuckerberg emphasized that this move is an expansion of Meta's metaverse endeavors rather than a shift in focus from those efforts. He highlighted the remarkable qualitative advancements made in generative AI over the past year and expressed excitement about leveraging this technology to enhance all of Meta's offerings. Zuckerberg stated, "In the last year, we've seen some really incredible breakthroughs — qualitative breakthroughs — on generative AI and that gives us the opportunity to now go take that technology, push it forward, and build it into every single one of our products." By incorporating generative AI into their platforms, Meta aims to further elevate user experiences and embrace the potential of this cutting-edge technology.

What will it look like? Some AI implementation ideas for Meta include:

  • The integration of AI chatbots with distinct personalities and abilities to assist or entertain users. This initiative is primarily aimed at Messenger and WhatsApp platforms.

  • Giving users the ability to utilize a text prompt to edit their own photos and easily share them within Instagram Stories.

  • In July, the company is organizing an internal hack-a-thon with a specific emphasis on generative AI.

Keep your eye out for these exciting updates, and in the meantime, have a great weekend! 🙏


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Apple never mentioned the word “AI” in their WWDC event. Don’t let that fool you though. Their Apple Vision Pro glasses have HUGE implications for Artificial Intelligence causing a significant spike in the Fry Meter.

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