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Sora’s first-ever short film

Hello, y’all—I just checked the fryer, and the fresh and crispy AI updates are ready, so let’s dig in!

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Sora’s first-ever short film 🎬

Entrée: Adobe releases AI-powered infographics tool 📊

Dessert: DoorDash is using AI to monitor chats 👁️


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*Knock Knock*

Who’s there?

The set designer. I'm just testing the door. 🚪

What’s new? Sky Kids, a multimedia production company in Toronto, has created the first-ever short film using Sora, OpenAI’s groundbreaking text-to-video tool.

What is the film? The 1 minute, 22 second short film (above) is titled, “Air Head,” and it outlines the story of a guy who has a balloon for a head (in other words, he is “filled with hot air”). This silly story includes multiple scenes in the life of the main character, which take place in different settings such as a car, on a train, and even at a party. It also includes AI narration and mood-setting music. The combination of these elements showcases the intricate ability of the Sora model to leverage the human imagination and produce quality content in all aspects of film creation.

Why is this significant? OpenAI’s Sora tool is unlike anything we have ever seen. It is able to create hyper-realistic videos from images and prompts, and this could change the game for film creation, reducing barriers for creators of all kinds. However, many remain concerned about its potential to distort reality in malicious ways. Although it is not yet available to the public, OpenAI has given exclusive access to artists, filmmakers, and designers. Reports suggest that this model could be made publicly available within a few months.


A sample infographic made with Project Infograph It (Image: Adobe)

Fancy charts are just more fun. 🤩

What’s up? Adobe has unveiled Project Infograph It, a tool powered by generative AI, designed to streamline the creation of visually stunning infographics in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes. Adobe has also introduced an intuitive ad creation platform in GenStudio that will be available later this year, built on a similar model.

How does it work? To use Project Infograph It, users simply input data and a prompt, and the AI does the rest. The tool is capable of generating a variety of charts and graphics, from scatter plots to circle plots, all seamlessly integrated into captivating designs.

Why is this important? Eric Matisoff, Adobe’s Analytics & Data Science Evangelist, explains, “I think about all the time I’ve spent analyzing, doing in product, exporting to Excel, then bringing that into PowerPoint, then finally delivering it and someone complaining like, ‘how come it’s not animated or how come it’s not using the right colors?’” Because of this new AI-powered tool, users can now focus on the imaginative side of design while AI does the dirty work.


“Give me my taco, or else!” 🌮

What’s new? DoorDash, the food delivery platform, has introduced SafeChat+, which leverages AI to elevate platform safety.

How does it work? SafeChat+ monitors in-app conversations, swiftly identifying and curtailing verbal abuse or harassment. If detected, Dashers have the option to gracefully cancel orders without repercussions on ratings. Additionally, these ongoing conversations are automatically terminated post-delivery, preventing escalation. This feature is able to monitor conversations in dozens of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. This is all done while protecting user privacy, as SafeChat+ solely analyzes message content without accessing or storing personal information detailed in the chats.

Why is this important? This new DoorDash feature highlights the ability of AI to monitor platforms of various kinds. We can continue to expect to see this application within businesses and on multiple social platforms. Allowing AI to serve as an objective observer to conversational exchanges of all kinds can ensure safe conversations and also protect people from the potential repercussions of reporting the activity of a peer or superior.


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