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Perplexity’s new AI-generated podcast

Good morning! Hopefully you’re hungry, because we have some delicious AI munchables for you to enjoy. 🍽️

(The mystery link can lead to ANYTHING AI related. Tools, memes, articles, videos, and more…)

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Perplexity’s new AI-generated podcast 🎙️

Entrée: AMD hits regulatory roadblock 🚫

Dessert: Major AI tax assistants give poor advice 🚨


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Q: Did you hear about the podcast that talks about spices?

A: It’s for seasoned listeners. 👂

What’s new? Perplexity, the chatbot with 10 million monthly users known for its clear sourcing material and ability to engage in follow-up discussions, has released a new podcast called “Discover Daily,” which is 100% AI generated.

What’s the podcast like? The new daily podcast, which discusses AI-related news and issues, offers a succinct format with episodes no longer than four minutes. The podcast utilizes ElevenLabs’ advanced AI voice cloning technology to deliver news summaries in a synthetic yet pleasing voice reminiscent of a BBC host. Perplexity’s curated “Discover” feed forms the basis for the podcast, offering concise insights into key headlines.


AMD is losing to Nvidia and the U.S. government. Will they ever get the breakthrough they are looking for? 📉

What’s happening? Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has faced a setback in its plans to sell a specialized AI chip in Beijing as the U.S. government has once again tightened control over the export of advanced chip technologies to China.

What’s going wrong? AMD has been looking for ways to work around the U.S. AI chip bans on China by designing a chip that complies with regulations and restrictions. But despite AMD’s efforts to secure approval from the U.S. Commerce Department, officials have insisted on a license from the Bureau of Industry and Security, citing concerns about the chip’s potency, even though it is designed to comply with U.S. export restrictions and is much weaker than what the company sells outside China. The U.S. government’s recent aggressive measures to restrict shipments of advanced AI chips to China aim to prevent the global competitor from accessing cutting-edge technologies that could enhance its military capabilities.


Ever wonder how Form 1040 got its name? For every $50 you earn, you get $10, the government gets $40. 💸

What’s going on? TurboTax and H&R Block have integrated AI into their tax service software this year to help customers do their taxes. Unfortunately, both TurboTax’s “Intuit Assist” and H&R Block’s “AI Tax Assist” have been providing irrelevant, misleading, or inaccurate answers to crucial tax questions.

Want more details? A group of tax professionals tested the AI helpers, and the results were concerning. TurboTax’s self-help AI flubbed over half of the test questions, even after updates were implemented. H&R Block’s AI fared slightly better but still gave unhelpful answers over 30% of the time. Both companies acknowledged that their chatbots are works in progress and argue that the AI’s impact on tax preparers is limited, as it doesn’t calculate taxes entirely but offers assistance. But are the chatbots even helping if their advice cannot be trusted? Furthermore, the lack of transparency and accuracy in these AI systems raises questions about their deployment in critical financial processes.


Our FryAI team sat down with Alon Zilberman to discuss his project Letstrip.ai and the integration of AI into travel planning! Check out the interview below. 👇


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