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OpenAI looks to mitigate bias...

In the middle of the winter, what better way to warm up than with some boiling hot AI updates? 🔥

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Appetizer: OpenAI looks to mitigate bias 🤥

Entrée: Elon Musk on Tesla’s AI goal 🚘

Dessert: Microsoft unveils Copilot for small businesses 😁


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Attempts are being made to control AI’s influence on human opinions … I imagine the AI gods find this quite amusing. 🙃

What’s up? OpenAI is looking to mitigate bias and address ethical considerations through the announcement of a “Collective Alignment” team.

What is the vision? The Collective Alignment team is tasked with establishing transparent processes that involve public input to guide the governance of OpenAI’s AI software, emphasizing the democratic governance of their AI systems.

Why? With the exponential growth of OpenAI’s ChatGPT since its late 2022 launch, concerns have risen regarding AI’s potential to generate “deepfake” content and misinformation. Concerns have also arisen about AI’s inherent biases towards social issues. These problems ring especially loud given the upcoming general election of 2024, where AI might be used as a political weapon. The Collective Alignment team is positioned to tackle these challenges by actively seeking skilled professionals to collaborate with OpenAI’s existing research teams, such as the “Human Data” team, which focuses on incorporating human input into AI models.

Why human data? OpenAI is in the midst of a lawsuit from the New York Times over the illegal use of copyrighted material to train AI models, so it could be the case that this is an attempt from OpenAI to find alternative solutions for training AI models. However, inputting raw human data could also be part of training AI models to be more human-like and human-made. Tyna Eloundo, the founder of this new team, emphasized, “As we continue to pursue our mission towards super-intelligent models who potentially could be seen as integral parts of our society ... it’s important to give people the opportunity to provide input directly.”


The richest man in the world needs more control! 💪

What’s up? On his X platform, Elon Musk (also the CEO of Tesla, in case you didn’t know) revealed his discomfort with expanding Tesla’s influence in AI and robotics without a substantial increase in his voting control.

Why? Musk’s vision for Tesla extends beyond its renowned electric vehicles, encompassing innovations like the “Full Self-Driving” software and humanoid robots. However, Musk expressed a preference for at least 25% voting control, nearly double his current stake, to lead Tesla’s advancements in AI. He emphasized the need for “enough [voting control] to be influential, but not so much that I can’t be overturned.”


Q: Why was the computer cold?

A: It left its Windows open! 🥶

What’s new? Microsoft, now the world’s most valuable public company, is expanding access to its AI Copilot, targeting small businesses with a new subscription plan called Copilot Pro.

What is Copilot Pro? Following the introduction of a free AI Copilot for Bing search last year, Microsoft now offers Copilot Pro at $20 per month/user. This subscription enhances Microsoft’s popular applications like Word and Excel with a text-drafting, number-crunching AI assistant. Subscribers gain access to advanced tools and AI models, including the powerful GPT-4 Turbo. Microsoft is also breaking away from a previous 300-person minimum requirement for the enterprise version, making Copilot Pro available to smaller businesses. The enterprise version is $30 per month/user and includes security controls and a Microsoft Teams upgrade.

“I can’t imagine a commercial organization that will not buy at least a seat of Copilot to see what it’s all about.”

-Jared Spataro, Microsoft Corporate Vice President


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