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OpenAI leaks early Elon Musk emails

Good morning! If you’re looking for a way to outsmart all your friends when it comes to AI, you have come to the right place. 😄

(The mystery link can lead to ANYTHING AI related. Tools, memes, articles, videos, and more…)

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Microsoft tool creates disturbing images 😳

Entrée: OpenAI leaks early Elon Musk emails 👀

Dessert: AI is being used to prevent homelessness 🏠


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Gemini has gone rogue, but it’s close cousin might not be too far behind. Maybe it’s genetic? 🧬

What’s happening? Microsoft’s Copilot Designer, powered by OpenAI, is apparently generating questionable images, ranging from demonic entities to sexualized violence and underage drinking.

The inside scoop? Shane Jones, an engineer who has been working at Microsoft for six years, has raised alarming concerns about the company’s AI image generator, Copilot Designer. Despite reporting his findings internally, Microsoft allegedly failed to take appropriate action, prompting Jones to escalate the matter by sending letters to Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan and Microsoft’s board of directors. His letters call for action by exposing the tool’s potential risks and advocating for its removal from public use until better safeguards are in place.

“The issue is, as a concerned employee at Microsoft, if this product starts spreading harmful, disturbing images globally, there’s no place to report it, no phone number to call and no way to escalate this to get it taken care of immediately.”

-Shane Jones, engineer at Microsoft


Q: Have you heard Elon Musk no longer owns Twitter?

A: He’s now the X owner. 😆

What’s up? In response to Elon Musk’s lawsuit, OpenAI claimed that Musk sought to transform the nonprofit into a for-profit venture before his departure in 2018.

What’s OpenAI’s side of the story? Founded in 2015 as a nonprofit with lofty goals of developing artificial general intelligence (A.G.I.), OpenAI faced financial challenges. Musk, a co-founder, suggested raising $1 billion, pledging to cover any shortfall. However, the nonprofit raised less than $45 million from Musk and over $90 million from other donors. When the founders considered transitioning to a for-profit model, Musk insisted on majority equity, board control, and CEO status, leading to a funding impasse.

What is the significance? Musk claimed that OpenAI is turning into a for-profit company under the guise of open-source development of AGI which will benefit humanity. Is Musk on the side of honest AI development, or could it be that Musk is annoyed with the betrayal of OpenAI to pursue his original idea without him?


Over 653,000 people are homeless in the United States. 🫤

What’s up? A Los Angeles County program is using an experimental machine learning model to combat homelessness.

How does it work? The program, initiated in 2019 by UCLA’s California Policy Lab, uses machine learning to analyze data from emergency room visits, jail stays, and 580 other factors to rank individuals based on their likelihood of becoming homeless. The results demonstrate that the AI model is 3.5 times more effective than human social workers, as it avoids biases and prioritizes individuals with the highest needs. Those enrolled by the program receive financial assistance ranging from $4,000 (individuals) to $8,000 (families), aimed at covering immediate needs such as rent, utility bills, and other essential expenses. The program also connects participants with additional support services, addressing holistic needs beyond financial assistance.

Does it work? Despite its experimental nature, the program has already assisted over 700 clients since 2021, with an impressive 86% retaining their housing. At a time when over 180,000 Californians are without homes, this AI-powered initiative offers a potential breakthrough in preventing homelessness before it occurs.


Are we in too deep with deepfakes? 😳

Deepfakes have become a topic of wide concern. Are we able to recover from the dangers of this technology, or have we entered down a rabbit hole we cannot escape?

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The Singularity Meter Rises 3.1%: Anthropic releases Claude 3, and it is blowing away chatbot benchmarks.

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