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OpenAI launches GPT Store

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: OpenAI launches GPT Store 🦾

Entrée: Walmart’s new AI shopping experience 🛒

Dessert: AI leader in India arrested for murder 😞


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Are you ready to shop until you drop? 😄

What’s new? OpenAI has launched the GPT Store, a groundbreaking marketplace embedded in the ChatGPT interface. The platform empowers users to explore and create GPTs tailored for specific tasks.

What are GPTs? Simply, GPTs can be thought of as custom chatbots and tools trained for specific purposes. Since announcing the GPT Builder program in November 2023, OpenAI reports over 3 million GPTs have been created by users!

Who can access the store? The store will initially be accessible only to paid ChatGPT plan subscribers, and OpenAI plans to introduce monetization options for GPT creators in the coming months, fostering a dynamic ecosystem.

What else? OpenAI also announced the release of ChatGPT Team, a specialized version of ChatGPT designed for business use. Notably, ChatGPT Team ensures data segregation, safeguarding the privacy of any information inputted into the chatbot, keeping it exclusively within the confines of the company. This provides a secure and efficient AI solution for workplace communication and productivity. The subscription cost for ChatGPT Team ranges from $25 to $30 per user on a monthly basis.


Q: Where does Walmart keep the Terminator toys?

A: Aisle B, back. 🤣

What’s up? Walmart is partnering with Microsoft to create a “single, unified retail experience” with the help of AI models from Microsoft Azure and OpenAI alongside their proprietary models. This includes a newly released AI shopping assistant.

What is the vision? The overarching vision is an interconnected shopping experience, erasing the boundaries between e-commerce and in-store operations. Walmart’s AI strategy is methodically incremental, addressing customer and worker concerns over AI to foster enthusiasm for AI-driven shopping. Some of their AI innovations include the InHome Replenishment service, My Assistant tool, and an augmented reality feature for clothing purchases. Additionally, Walmart aims to lead in drone delivery, expanding to 1.8 million households.

How does the AI assistant work? The recently introduced shopping assistant will enable customers to engage in a more interactive and conversational experience. This advanced tool possesses the capability to address specific questions, offer personalized product recommendations, and provide detailed information about particular items in seconds. As an example, it can assist shoppers by suggesting Halloween costume ideas suitable for a horror-themed party or guide parents in selecting an appropriate cell phone for their children. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says that with the help of these data-driven models, the Walmart AI will now “show you everything you might need” for a single experience or event.


Sad news is shaking the AI world this week. 😐

What happened? Suchana Seth, the CEO of The Mindful AI Lab, an Indian AI startup, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her four-year-old son.

How did this happen? This troubling discovery occurred when Seth was returning from Goa and was detained in Karnataka state after a taxi ride. The child’s lifeless body was found in her luggage, leading to her immediate arrest. Seth had checked into a hotel in Goa with her son, but he was notably absent when she checked out the following night. Hotel staff discovered bloodstains in the room and alerted the police. The subsequent investigation involved contacting the taxi driver, ultimately unveiling the tragic truth in Seth’s luggage.

What now? As authorities delve into this devastating incident, many questions remain unanswered. Seth, currently in custody, is yet to provide a statement, and her family members are unreachable. The startup, The Mindful AI Lab, is silent on the matter as the tech community grapples with the shocking allegations against one of its prominent figures.


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