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New camera tech fights deepfakes

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Appetizer: New camera tech to fight AI deepfakes 📸

Entrée: U.S. Supreme Court report addresses AI 👨‍⚖️

Dessert: Galaxy S24 Plus AI features leaked 📲


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My mom followed me around my whole childhood with a camera … I still have flashbacks. 😳

What’s going on? Photo industry giants Nikon, Sony Group, and Canon (who together occupy 90% of the global camera market) are developing innovative camera technology to embed digital signatures in photos, in an attempt to prevent AI tampering.

What are the new developments? Nikon’s initiative involves offering mirrorless cameras equipped with authentication technology, specifically targeting photojournalists and professionals. Sony, set to release its technology this spring, plans to incorporate digital signatures into professional-grade mirrorless SLR cameras. Canon, in collaboration with Thomson Reuters and the Starling Lab for Data Integrity, is developing similar features and aims to release a camera with digital signature capabilities sometime this year. The collaborative effort of these companies also extends to a web-based tool called Verify, created by a global alliance of news organizations, tech companies, and camera makers. This tool allows users to check images for digital signatures, providing essential details such as date, location, and photographer information, offering a formidable defense against deepfakes and manipulated images.


AI is headed to court … for better or for worse. 👀

What happened? In a 13-page year-end report, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts addressed AI’s uses in legal cases, stating “any use of AI requires caution and humility.”

What was said? Roberts’ comments about AI sent mixed signals. On one hand, he highlighted the potential of AI, praising its ability to pass the bar exam and analyze legal documents. He highlighted AI’s potential to “increase access to justice for indigent litigants,” revolutionizing legal research in a way that is both quick and cheap. On the other hand, he pointed out privacy concerns and the current technology’s inability to replicate human discretion in difficult cases.

“I predict that human judges will be around for a while … But with equal confidence I predict that judicial work—particularly at the trial level—will be significantly affected by AI.”

-Justice John Roberts

Why? AI has caused a stir in legal cases. Just last weekend, Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, disclosed in recently unsealed court documents that he inadvertently provided his attorney with fabricated case citations generated by an AI program. These misleading citations subsequently found their way into an official court filing. This is just one of the many occurrences of attorneys incorporating AI-generated hallucinations into legal briefs that has been recorded.


Image: Walmart via WinFuture

Q: Why was the bodybuilder banned from Walmart?

A: Shoplifting. 🏋️‍♂️

What’s up? Walmart inadvertently disclosed the AI-related features of the new Galaxy S24 Plus.

What are the features? The leak emphasizes the Galaxy S24 Plus’ advanced 50-megapixel camera and promises “bigger and brighter screens,” just like every new smartphone in history. More interestingly, the leaked information suggests that the Galaxy S24 series will introduce cutting-edge AI capabilities, with features like Generative Edit, similar to Google’s Pixel 8 Magic Eraser. Additionally, Walmart’s leak highlights the inclusion of Live Translate, a feature enabling real-time call translation. It’s worth noting that these AI features are not set to operate entirely “on device,” requiring an internet connection and a Samsung account.



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