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Meta adds image-creating chatbot to Instagram

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Appetizer: Amazon Music releases AI playlist generator 🎶

Entrée: Meta adds image-creating chatbot to Instagram 🤖

Dessert: Google Maps integrates AI to find EV chargers 🔋


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I had to report my stolen Amazon package … The police are still looking for the “prime” suspect. 👮‍♂️

What’s new? Amazon Music has introduced Maestro, an AI-powered playlist maker. This follows Spotify’s release of a similar feature last week.

How does it work? Currently available in beta to a select group of U.S. subscribers, Maestro allows users to create playlists simply by typing or speaking a text prompt, including the use of emojis. Whether it’s “😭 and eating 🍝” or “Headed to a party with my friends,” Maestro aims to cater to diverse musical preferences and moods. This enables users to assemble playlists based on various prompts like emotions, memories, or activities.

Why is this important? Amazon Music plays third fiddle to Spotify and Apple Music. However, the rise of generative AI has the power to reshape the dominance of many industries, including this one. Amazon has been at the forefront of AI innovation across many business functions, and they see this new move as an opportunity to garner some attention and hopefully gain some much-needed traction in the music world.


You know it’s time for bed when you’ve run out of social media feeds and find yourself scrolling through Venmo. 📱

What’s new? Meta has added the Meta AI chatbot to its Instagram messaging feature, which has the ability to engage in traditional conversations, answer queries, and even generate images based on text prompts.

What’s the significance? Previously available in beta, this newest AI integration from Meta reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to infuse AI across its platforms. Some are concerned that this feature will stifle the entire point of Instagram, which is to chat with friends and share authentic images. However, Meta AI said it is “more like a supplement” to the social media experience: a resource for quick answers to questions, a source of ideas when friends aren’t available, and a fresh and different perspective to explore. The Meta AI bot says, “Think of me as a complementary tool to enhance your social experience, not a replacement for meaningful human connections.” Meta is also planning to add “Made With AI” watermarks on images created by Meta AI to protect authenticity on the platform.


I walked into an electric car dealership last week, but you wouldn’t believe how much they charge. 🚙

What’s up? Google Maps is planning to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience with the help of AI.

How will it work? By leveraging AI, Google Maps will now offer more precise directions to EV charging stations, including those tucked away in parking garages or less perceivable locations. Furthermore, real-time plug availability and wait times along with charging speeds will be accessible directly through Google Maps, facilitating seamless navigation for EV drivers. Users will be prompted to provide feedback after using an EV charger, enhancing the algorithm’s ability to generate insightful summaries based on these responses.

Why is this significant? One of the major drawbacks to driving an EV is the difficulty of finding convenient charging stations. Even though there has been a major push for the adoption of EVs in recent years, GPS systems have not been too accommodating to the demands of charging that come along with driving them. So the inclusion of an EV charging station filter in the travel search tool reinforces Google’s dedication to accommodating the needs of EV owners, ensuring convenient charging options during journeys and catering to a new era of vehicles. This move will help them maintain dominance in the navigation sector.


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