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The Future Of Task Management: Exploring BeforeSunset AI

Welcome to this week’s Deep-fried Dive with Fry Guy! In these long-form articles, Fry Guy conducts an in-depth analysis of a cutting-edge AI development or developer. Today, Fry Guy dives into BeforeSunset AI, a platform that leverages AI to optimize task management and make scheduling easy. We hope you enjoy!

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In a fast-paced world, staying organized and productive can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re a freelancer working from home, grinding it out at a start-up, or working a 9-5 job in a traditional office setting, the demands of daily tasks and responsibilities can often feel overwhelming. That’s where the power of AI comes in.

By leveraging AI technology, BeforeSunset AI provides a platform for individuals and teams to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and prioritize to-do lists in a more efficient and effective way, making for the most productive day “before sunset.”


Ceylan Ersoy, the founder of BeforeSunset AI, grew up in Turkey and later moved to the United States to attend college at UC Berkeley, where she studied psychology, theater, and human rights. She utilizes this unique educational background in the way she lives her life and in her business practices. A combination of her psychological, theatrical, and human rights background gave her the skillset to create a platform that is customer-facing, understands the needs of users and teams, and has a positive influence on the world.

During college, Ersoy began working with a few start-ups of various kinds, including those focusing on content, marketing, community building, social media, and more. This led her towards her journey as the co-founder of BeforeSunset AI and the leader of marketing and media operations. She said working in AI has been “an amazing challenge with a unique ecosystem and audience.”


Task management poses numerous challenges, especially for many start-ups that rely on the entire team to work proactively. In the corporate world, many companies have set work days, times, and assigned roles and tasks. Start-ups don’t often have this luxury, and without structures which set boundaries for workers, the process can become messy. Not to mention, due to the COVID pandemic, online and hybrid work structures have become more prevalent, blurring the lines of what the traditional work day and week looks like. Ersoy explains what this did to many start-ups she has worked with: “What we were left with was a structureless work system where the end of the work day was never defined, everybody was struggling to find the sweet spot of when to start working and when to stop, we were using a lot of different platforms and feeling very disconnected causing us to lose focus all the time.”

Popular collaboration tools only amplify this problem for teams, especially start-ups. By using different tools for scheduling, task management, communication, etc., it is very difficult for teams to organize their workflows and stay on the same page. Not to mention, many of these platforms have their own, steep learning curves. Because there is no one-stop solution to customize and organize workflows, every team member has to learn how to use all these different platforms and keep track of them daily, making collaboration all the more difficult. BeforeSunset AI overcomes this problem by providing a one-stop platform that is as seamless an experience as possible, made possible through a minimalist design, a straightforward process for user journeys, and a highlighting of necessary features, making them easily accessible.

In addition to teams, for many individuals—especially those working remotely—it can be difficult to establish boundaries between work and personal life. Without a defined schedule or time limits, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burnt out. The anxiety of having a busy schedule or looming assignments can also hinder productivity and create a sense of unproductiveness. However, BeforeSunset AI sets out to overcome these challenges for both teams and individuals, helping them regain control of their work and personal lives.

The BeforeSunset AI platform is built on the principles of personalization and AI automation, allowing users to create a customized work schedule that aligns with their preferences and goals. Task management and productivity is very personal. As Ersoy says, “What works for person A is not going to work for person B.” Combining this with AI is a partnership built for success. Ersoy explains, “AI is a really amazing tool to help automate things we are used to doing manually, which can create structure within our work life that works for us.”


Upon entering the BeforeSunset AI web interface, the platform guides users through a quick onboarding process where it gathers information about the user’s work preferences and goals. Additionally, it will gain an understand of the company the user works for and the macro-level goals of that company. This personalized data is then used in tandem with inputted task lists to create a customized task list and schedule for each day. The AI algorithms take into account factors such as task priority, time allocations, and even recognizes and implements recurring tasks. The AI also bundles similar tasks together to avoiding multitasking, promoting focused and efficient work. The platform can also integrate with popular tools like Trello and Gmail, automatically pulling in tasks from these platforms, further streamlining the task management and scheduling process across platforms.

BeforeSunset AI includes a variety of unique and engaging features, enhancing collaboration and providing an engaging team experience. Many of these features are deeply psychological, emphasizing motivation and focus. For example, users can earn badges for completing tasks within the allocated time, fostering a sense of achievement and competition. The teams feed, which allows team members to stay connected, share updates, and monitor each other’s progress, also leads to improved coordination, accountability, and productivity.

Another unique feature of the BeforeSunset AI platform is the implementation of time blocking, which maximizes the percentage of completed tasks by allocating specific time limits for each task. This helps ensure that tasks are completed within the allocated time and prevents the common pitfall of spending excessive time on a task without proportional improvements in its quality. This feature makes sure the user will finish the work day at the time they desire to finish, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Ersoy remarks, “We have to remember we are human beings, and at the end of the day, spending more time on a task does not ensure the task will be exponentially better.” By designating times for tasks, it allows workers to engage themselves more fully in the tasks. Ersoy explains, “Whether its a personal task or a professional task, this features allows you to be all in on the task rather than thinking about the next move.”

As BeforeSunset AI continues to evolve, the team behind the platform is focused on integrating with other popular tools and platforms, such as Notion and Spotify. These integrations will further streamline the task management process and reduce the need for manual input. The platform’s AI functionality will also continually improve as it learns from user data and feedback, ensuring a more personalized and optimized experience for each user and team. This means the platform will continually learn about how the user likes to organize their schedule and their most productive working patterns to optimize their productivity. Additionally, the BeforeSunset AI team is working on enhancing the onboarding experience for teams and exploring new features to meet the specific needs of different industries and user groups, including the organization of meetings and events.


The rise of AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach task management and improve overall productivity for both individuals and teams. By automating repetitive tasks, optimizing schedules, and promoting mindful work practices, BeforeSunset AI can significantly enhance productivity and well-being, revolutionizing the way we think about work. While there may be concerns about the impact of AI on society, embracing innovations like this one, which seeks to enhance our daily lives in a mindful way, allows for the utilization of the power of AI while retaining our human touch and creativity.

By utilizing BeforeSunset AI, individuals and teams can experience a multitude of benefits. The platform helps establish clear boundaries, allowing users to avoid burnout and achieve a healthier work-life balance. Additionally, the personalized schedules created by the platform provide structure and peace of mind, reducing anxiety and enhancing productivity. The platform also encourages users to develop a more mindful approach to task management, helping them stay present and focused on their current tasks rather than constantly worrying about future responsibilities.

BeforeSunset AI is a prime example of how AI can be leveraged to create a personalized and efficient task management experience. By leveraging AI-powered tools like BeforeSunset AI, individuals and teams can overcome the challenges of task management, establish a healthier work-life balance, and achieve greater levels of productivity. The future of task management is here, and it’s powered by AI.


Our FryAI team sat down with Ceylan Ersoy, founder of BeforeSunset AI, to discuss the project as well as the future of AI. You can view the full conversation here: