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Europe tames the AI beast

Happy Thursday, everyone—Today, we have AI regulation to report in Europe, a challenge to Nvidia’s chip monopoly, and a new Beetles song in the works. Let’s jump in! 👍

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: AMD’s new AI chip challenges Nvidia 👊

Entrée: E.U. proposes AI regulation 🏛

Dessert: The Beetles are releasing a new song 🎵


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Nvidia is in the headlines again, but this time it’s because they are finally being challenged in the AI chip game. 🖥

What’s Happening? Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has revealed a new AI chip called "AMD ZenAI" to challenge Nvidia's dominance in the AI chip market. This chip offers high performance and efficiency for machine learning and deep learning tasks.

What does the chip do? AMD's ZenAI chip is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency in AI-related tasks, such as machine learning and deep learning. It combines cutting-edge hardware with advanced software algorithms, enabling it to handle complex AI workloads with ease. The chip boasts impressive processing power and a high degree of scalability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is also proposed to be more cost-effective than Nvidia’s AI chips.

All this talk about chips makes me hungry—good thing I always keep my salty snacks nearby! 🍟


AI regulation has been looming worldwide amid AI risks, and Europe is deciding to take a massive step forward to lead the charge. 🏛

What happened? The European Parliament, a main legislative branch of the E.U., passed a draft law known as the A.I. Act which proposes comprehensive regulations to govern AI technologies in Europe. The regulations aim to address privacy, transparency, and societal concerns.

How will regulation work? The new regulations, if approved, would establish strict requirements for AI developers and users, particularly in high-risk areas such as healthcare, transportation, and public safety. This would also impose limitations on the use of certain AI systems, such as those that manipulate human behavior or perform indiscriminate surveillance. Additionally, the proposed regulations would introduce a mandatory assessment process for high-risk AI applications, ensuring compliance with ethical standards and human rights.

Many European leaders are apprehensive but also excited about this proposed regulation. Francine Bennett, for instance, is the acting director of the Ada Lovelace Institute, an organization in London that has pushed for new A.I. laws. She said, “Fast-moving and rapidly repurposable technology is of course hard to regulate, when not even the companies building the technology are completely clear on how things will play out. But it would definitely be worse for us all to continue operating with no adequate regulation at all.”


AI is bringing back the Beetles! 🐜

What happened? According to Paul McCartney, the surviving member of the Beatles, a new Beatles record is in the works, thanks to the assistance of AI. The record is an unfinished, 1978 composition called, “Now and Then.”

How will it work? McCartney revealed that AI technology is being utilized to isolate the vocals of the late John Lennon from a previously recorded track. McCartney said, "We have John's voice and a piano which can be separated with AI. They tell the machine, 'That's the voice. This is a guitar. Lose the guitar.'" This sort of AI voice identification will allow for a clear creation of Lennon’s original voice which can be used for a never-released song!

The new track is supposed to be released sometime later this year. 🎶


The singularity meter drops slightly due to Senate AI Briefing

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