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Elon Musk says China will be first to regulate AI

Good morning, lovers of all things potatoes and robots! Let’s get to today’s news 🗞

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Appetizer: Elon Musk says China will be first to regulate 🇨🇳

Entrée: UK advisor warns AI could kill humans 🤖

Dessert: AI transforms online casinos 🎰


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Who’s going to lead the way for AI regulation? Elon Musk’s fortune cookie says: China. 🥠

What happened? Elon Musk met with senior officials in Beijing and employees in Shanghai last week about the risks of AI. On Monday, Musk stated, “My understanding from those conversations is that China will be initiating AI regulation,” although specific details were not provided. Musk further expressed his support for AI regulations, emphasizing the importance of ensuring AI systems are developed and utilized responsibly to avoid potential risks. He highlighted the need for proactive measures to control AI's power and ensure it benefits humanity.

Why is China pushing for regulation? China has been actively investing in AI and has expressed its commitment to becoming a global leader in the field. Musk believes China also understands the risks AI might pose to the sovereignty of their government in the country, thus getting it under control is a top priority in order to maintain control. Musk explained, "I pointed out that if there is a digital super intelligence that is overwhelmingly powerful, developed in China, it is actually a risk to the sovereignty of the Chinese government … they took that to heart."

Musk's acknowledgment of China's forthcoming regulations signifies the growing global focus on regulating AI technologies to foster ethical and safe deployment. Right now, regulation seems like an empty dance floor … everyone is waiting for someone to make the first move! Maybe China will start dancing. 🕺


The drawback of hot and crispy french fries is that you have to wait a few minutes for them to cool off, otherwise you might burn your mouth. The drawback of unchecked AI is that it could kill humans. 😳

What happened? Matt Clifford, an adviser to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, warned that AI systems are on track to become powerful enough to ''kill many humans'' within just two years.

Some background on Clifford: Matt Clifford is currently leading the UK government's Foundation Model Taskforce which investigates AI language models such as ChatGPT and Google Bard. He is also chairman of the Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA).

Why is he concerned? Clifford is concerned about the power of AI being misused. He cited its ability to “create new recipes for bioweapons or to launch large-scale cyber attacks.” He further said, ''If we try and create artificial intelligence that is more intelligent than humans and we don't know how to control it, then that's going to create a potential for all sorts of risks now and in the future—it's right that it should be very high on the policymakers' agendas.'' He did mention, however, that he believes AI could be a force for good, if “harnessed in the right way.”

Sunak will be meeting with US President Biden today to discuss a plethora of issues, one of them being the risks of AI. I’m sure Clifford, like many of us, will be waiting patently to hear what happens in this meeting. 👂


No wonder I always lose at online poker … I’m playing against a bunch of AI-powered geniuses! 😫

How is AI being used in casinos?

  • AI helps provide a more personalized experience: By utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data, AI enables online casino operators to anticipate future market trends and understand changes in consumer behavior. This empowers casino operators to customize user experiences, fostering stronger customer loyalty and retention rates.

  • AI informs business decisions: Online casinos heavily rely on AI for crucial business decisions, particularly in the realm of digital marketing. By leveraging AI capabilities, casinos can remain relevant and in a competitive market, ensuring strategic, informed decisions.

  • AI improves security: By closely monitoring the real-time activity of users, AI can quickly and accurately detect fraudulent behavior and scam attempts and notify the staff accordingly. AI can also enforce encryption and cybersecurity measures, helping to detect potential spoofing and phishing scams directed at users

  • AI improves game design: AI closely observes user behavior and engagement metrics within games, including interaction patterns, wagering habits, and playing duration. These valuable insights enable game developers to tailor the gaming experience to customer preferences and keep players engaged.

Side note: All of this AI tech is being funded by Fry Guy’s casino losses. 🙃


Apple never mentioned the word “AI” in their WWDC event. Don’t let that fool you though. Their Apple Vision Pro glasses have HUGE implications for Artificial Intelligence causing a significant spike in the Fry Meter.

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