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How ChatGPT planned a wedding in 5 days

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Appetizer: ChatGPT plans and officiates a wedding 💒

Entrée: Valve is quietly banning games with AI art 🤫

Dessert: Harvard’s new AI professor 🤖


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Roses are red, violets are blue … give me some french fries, and dipping sauce too. 🍟

What happened? Earlier this week, ChatGPT officiated its first wedding. These Colorado Tinder-met lovers used ChatGPT to plan everything except the vows for their special day, accompanied by their 30 guests.

Why ChatGPT? Reese Wiench and Deyton Truitt were on a short timeframe as Deyton is being deployed for the Army in a few weeks, and they wanted to get married so his wife could join him after basic training. So they decided to use ChatGPT to plan the entire wedding, which only took 5 days to do.

Is this legal? AI is not recognized as a certified wedding officiant by the state of Colorado, so Reese’s dad Steve Wiench signed the marriage license.

How did this work? As part of the ceremony, the ChatGPT officiant quoted Scripture and expounded on the passages as they related to love, marriage and the future. The family even bought a robot mask to put on top of the speakers to make it appear that someone was speaking. The crazy part? The the couple didn’t even read the script before the ceremony began, so it was new to them as they heard it on the alter, trusting that the ceremony would be just what they wanted. And these love birds were pleased with the ceremony. Reese said, “ChatGPT took something personal to humans like a wedding and enhanced it.”


Video games, like all things, are more enjoyable with salty snacks. I just hate when the greasy crumbs get stuck in the controller. 🎮

What’s happening? Valve, owners of Steam and makers of the popular game, Counter-Strike, have been quietly banning games which use AI-generated art in their development.

How is this happening? Amidst the AI art boom, some developers are trying to release games via Valve which use AI-generated art, and Valve has responded by saying they “cannot ship games for which the developer does not have all of the necessary rights.”

Why is Valve worried about AI art? It is most likely the case that Valve is concerned over copyrighting issues associated with game development. Adobe, for instance, is currently under fire for using Adobe Stock assets for Firefly without crediting or reimbursing creators who provided those images to the store. Valve could be trying to avoid similar issues. It could also be the case that the Valve team is concerned about the video game art creation market and the potential harm AI could do to human creativity and jobs. They have not explicitly spoken out on the subject, but one might conjecture that it is a strong combination of both.


“Welcome to class … *beep boop* 🤖

What’s up? Harvard University announced its intent to employ an AI chatbot as an instructor for its renowned Computer Science 50: Introduction to Computer Science (CS50) course.

When will this course be available? This course, available to students starting this fall, will be developed based on OpenAI's GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 models, highlighting Harvard's commitment utilizing AI to enhance education.

How will this enhance the class? Harvard hopes the implementation of AI chatbots in the classroom will allow for a more personalized and directive learning initiative. CS50 professor, David Malan, said, “Our own hope is that, through AI, we can eventually approximate a 1:1 teacher:student ratio for every student in CS50, by providing them with software-based tools that, 24/7, can support their learning at a pace and in a style that works best for them individually.” The department realizes the abilities of ChatGPT are limited, but they believe it can be used as a vital tool and has the ability to be refined in its use to aid the classroom. 👨‍🏫


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