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Can Ernie Bot compete with ChatGPT?

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Appetizer: Google DeepMind teaches AI robots to play soccer ⚽️

Entrée: Can China’s Ernie Bot compete with ChatGPT? 🤖

Dessert: AMD releases new AI PC processors 💻


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Q: What is a soccer player’s least favorite drink?

A: Penal-tea. ☕️

What’s new? Google DeepMind has trained AI-powered robots to play soccer.

How did it work? Using reinforcement learning techniques, the Google DeepMind team trained small robots how to partake in agile behaviors such as kicking, running, turning, and recovering from falls. This allowed the robots to learn how to play defense and score goals in games of one-on-one soccer. As the researchers stated, “It learned to anticipate ball movements and block opponent shots.”

What’s the significance? This breakthrough in reinforcement learning will change how programmers seek to train AI-powered bots and machines. The reinforcement learning approach proved much more efficient than a manual, scripted baseline. The team explains, “In experiments, the agent walked 181% faster, turned 302% faster, took 63% less time to get up, and kicked a ball 34% faster than a scripted baseline.” This approach makes bots much more agile and human-like both in movements and adaptability to surroundings.


No, it cannot. 🙃

What’s up? Baidu’s AI chatbot, Ernie Bot, continues to dominate China’s conversational AI landscape, with the application programming interface (API) being used 200 million times every day. In layman’s terms, this means the Ernie Bot is being asked to perform tasks and answer queries over 200 million times each day.

Want the details? Launched just eight months ago as one of only eight approved chatbots in China, the ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot has rapidly surged in popularity, doubling its user base since December. With 85,000 enterprise clients onboard, Ernie Bot is not just a consumer favorite but also a sought-after solution in the business realm. Baidu has capitalized on Ernie’s success, generating revenue through improved ad services and assisting other companies in AI model development.

A threat to ChatGPT? Despite Ernie Bot’s massive growth in popularity, it still pales in comparison to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, both in terms of ability and usage. To put this in perspective, Ernie Bot was visited a total of 14.9 million times across its app and website last month. ChatGPT? It reached an all-time high of 1.86 billion views last month. This reflects how the U.S. remains at the forefront of AI innovation across the globe, at least for now. Recently, China has accelerated approvals for AI services in an attempt to compete with the U.S. Last week, it was reported that 117 large AI models have received approvals so far, compared to only eight approvals at the time Ernie was publicly released last August.


Nvidia might be winning, but its rivals simply won’t give up the fight. 🥊

What’s new? Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is charging ahead in the AI PC race with the launch of new processors to power AI tasks.

Want the details? Aiming to outpace rivals Nvidia and Intel in the burgeoning market for AI chips, AMD has announced the new Ryzen Pro 8040 series for laptops and Ryzen Pro 8000 series for desktops, boast cutting-edge 4-nanometer technology, which promises unparalleled power for AI tasks, especially for businesses. In simple terms, this means the chips have a lot of power! With features tailored for real-time language translation and other AI-intensive applications, these new chips are set to power upcoming PC models from industry giants like HP and Lenovo, poised for release this summer.

Why is this significant? Industry leaders see a huge rise in AI PCs coming within the next year. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said, “We think the AI PC will be the star of the show for the upcoming year.” U.S. consulting firm, Gartner, agrees, estimating that shipments of AI PCs will consist of 22% of all PCs in 2024, meaning the firm expects 54.5 million units of AI PCs to be shipped by the end of the year. Ranjit Atwal, senior director analyst at Gartner, said, “The rapid adoption of on-device GenAI capabilities and AI processors will eventually become a standard requirement for technology vendors.” Apple, Intel, and now AMD see this advancement as an opportunity to seize significant market share away from Nvidia, who still controls 80% of the AI chip space.


Through collaborations with OpenAI and Pika Labs, Adobe has unveiled their new Adobe video creation and editing platform, powered by Firefly! Check it out:


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