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Boston University replacing grad assistants with AI?

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Appetizer: Boston University replacing grad assistants with AI? 🤖

Entrée: Microsoft Copilot banned from U.S. House 🚫

Dessert: Wendy’s launches AI-driven loyalty program 🍔


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Q: What do you call an evil genius in Boston?

A: Wicked smaht. 🤓

What’s up? Boston University is in hot water after a dean reportedly emailed faculty to use AI to replace the work of graduate students on strike.

What’s the background? After eight months of negotiations with no resolution, graduate students at Boston University are on strike seeking better, living wages along with better healthcare. In the midst of this, Stan Sclaroff, the dean of arts and sciences at the school, sent an email to faculty which suggested professors should “engage generative AI tools to give feedback or facilitate ‘discussion’ on readings or assignments.”

“We are extremely disappointed by the university’s suggestion that the use of AI could even begin to substitute the hard work that graduate workers pour into mentoring students, facilitating discussions and teaching … We sincerely hope that the university would reconsider this suggestion and instead focus on properly compensating the people who do the work that is crucial in keeping the university running.”

-The Service Employees International Union Local 509 chapter

What are the implications? Boston University has tried to backtrack on this statement, stating in a press release, “Neither Dean Sclaroff nor Boston University believe that AI can replace its graduate student teaching assistants, and the assertion that we plan to do so is patently false.” Regardless of the intentions behind Sclaroff’s comments, this situation underlines a deeper debate surrounding AI’s appropriate use in education.


I had a great joke to tell, but it got banned. 🙃

What’s new? Following the recent ban of ChatGPT, the U.S. House has banned the use of Microsoft Copilot for congressional members.

Want more details? Microsoft’s Copilot has been integrated into their popular office apps, including Word, PowerPoint, and Teams. These Microsoft Office apps have been flagged by the U.S. House for “potential unauthorized data sharing,” citing risks of data leaks due to non-approved cloud services which store data for Copilot.

How is Microsoft responding? Due to data concerns such as this, Microsoft is currently working on government-specific AI tools which meet higher security standards and comply with governmental regulations.

Why is this significant? This ban highlights growing scrutiny over AI in sensitive settings such as governmental operations. This emphasizes how AI, despite massive development, is still not trusted to handle sensitive information and carry out vital tasks.


A French fry dipped in a frosty is unmatched. 😍

What’s new? Wendy’s has introduced an AI-based loyalty platform that analyzes customer data to tailor offers and rewards.

How does it work? The program leverages AI-powered data analysis to monitor customer behavior and purchasing trends to provide personalized promotions and rewards incentives to customers. This move reflects a broader trend, showcased by a PYMNTS study which showed that 83% of consumers crave customized offers. This follows Wendy’s previous efforts to implement FreshAI at drive-thru windows, reflecting their commitment to leveraging the technology in all kinds of business operations.

“Customer loyalty programs must leverage AI to stay competitive. But the key to realizing the full benefits of AI in improving the customer journey lies in finding the right balance of personalization and automation. One-size-fits-all marketing doesn’t cut it, so it’s important to leverage data and AI to better understand your customers as individuals—using those insights to drive positive brand engagement on a regular basis.”

-Kelli Hobbs, a loyalty and rewards expert at Valuedynamx



The Singularity Meter Falls 1.0%: Congress bans the use of CoPilot

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