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Apple abandons car project for AI

Thursdays are for thick-cut French fries and AI news! We can provide one, and we certainly recommend the other. 🍟

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Nvidia CEO declares demise of coding 💻

Entrée: Apple abandons car project for AI 🚗

Dessert: Google pushes for AI-generated content 🤖


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Q: Wanna hear a joke in computer language?

A: 01011001 😆

What happened? Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, has declared the impending demise of coding.

What was said? During the World Government Summit in Dubai, Huang argued that with the rapid progress of AI, learning to code is no longer a prerequisite for entering the tech sector. Huang envisions a world where programming becomes intuitive and human-centric, eliminating the necessity for individuals to invest extensive hours in learning specific coding languages. Huang predicts that natural language processing will soon evolve to a point where coding can be conducted in one’s native language quite effortlessly. Instead, he advocates for redirecting one’s time towards gaining expertise in fields like farming, biology, manufacturing, and education.

“It is our job to create computing technology such that nobody has to program. And that the programming language is human, everybody in the world is now a programmer. This is the miracle of artificial intelligence.”

-Jensen Huang


Apple’s electric car project has officially driven away. 🚘

What’s up? Apple has decided to halt its electric car project, known internally as Project Titan, and focus those resources towards AI integrations.

Why? Project Titan has been going on for about a decade, and the decision to stop the project follows a period of uneven progress and aligns with a broader trend among global automakers cutting back investments in electric vehicles. Several employees who were involved in Project Titan will be redirected to Apple’s AI division, signaling a shift in focus for the company.

Why is this important? Apple’s cautious approach to AI integration has raised concerns about falling behind its counterparts in terms of technological innovation. Last year, Apple’s share gain was the smallest among the so-called Magnificent Seven stocks, and it recently lost its title as the world’s most valuable company to Microsoft. Perhaps this refocus on AI will bring Apple back to the forefront of technological innovation.


Q: Why did Google leave the wedding?

A: The reception was terrible. 👰‍♀️

What’s happening? Google is engaging in agreements with independent publishers, compensating them substantially to publish articles generated by its new AI tool.

How does this work? As part of the agreement, Google is requiring publishers to “compile a list of external websites that regularly produce news and reports relevant to their readership.” These outlets are then to generate summaries using Google’s undisclosed AI tool. After a human editorial check, these summaries are to be published with no mandate to label these AI-generated articles as such. As part of the deal, Google is requiring these outlets to publish three AI-generated articles every day, one AI-generated newsletter each week, and an AI-generated marketing campaign each week. These deals reportedly involve monthly payouts exceeding $10,000. Which news outlets are involved in these deals remains undisclosed.

Why? This move is part of the Google News Initiative introduced in 2018, which aims to assist under-resourced publishers by aggregating content from publicly available sources, such as government agencies and neighboring news outlets.

“In partnership with news publishers, especially smaller publishers, we’re in the early stages of exploring ideas to potentially provide AI-enabled tools to help journalists with their work. This speculation about this tool being used to re-publish other outlets’ work is inaccurate. The experimental tool is being responsibly designed to help small, local publishers produce high-quality journalism using factual content from public data sources—like a local government’s public information office or health authority. These tools are not intended to, and cannot, replace the essential role journalists have in reporting, creating and fact-checking their articles.”

-Statement from Google


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