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Amazon is officially an AI powerhouse

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You know what today is: FRY-nancial FRY-day! Let’s see how AI shook up the financial world this week and peek at some cutting-edge AI financial tools. 🤑

*Nothing we offer constitutes investment advice. Our aim is to report the latest happenings and teach you how to use the newest AI finance tools.*

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Amazon reaches $2 trillion valuation 💰

Entrée: This week’s diamond in the rough 💎

Dessert: Create an AI-powered investment strategy 📈


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There’s no better feeling in the world than seeing that Amazon box on your doorstep. 😍

What’s up? This week, Amazon reached a market cap of $2 trillion, joining an elite group of four other tech giants that top the world’s most valuable companies.

Want the numbers? Since the release of ChatGPT in November of 2022, Amazon stock is up over 112%. In 2024 alone, the stock price has risen almost 30%.

Why is Amazon growing? Over the past two years, Amazon has been diving head first into AI. They have released incredible foundational AI features, such as Bedrock, Q, Rufus, and more. They have also infused their online shopping experience with AI, both on the side of the seller and the consumer. Not to mention, they have committed billions of dollars to AI startups, including recently pouring $4 billion into Anthropic. So far, these investments have paid huge dividends, as they find themselves climbing the financial charts.


We dug through the dirt to find this week’s diamond in the rough. 👷‍♂️

This week’s diamond in the rough: SentinelOne (S).

How is AI helping SentinelOne? SentinelOne functions as an AI-powered cybersecurity company. With the rise of AI cyberattacks, this industry is more important than ever. However, despite the massive need for innovative cybersecurity solutions, SentinelOne shareholders have endured a challenging year, with share prices plummeting by over 30% since January. Meanwhile, arch rival CrowdStrike has soared to new record highs. Despite these setbacks, AI advancements are poised to rejuvenate SentinelOne’s value. The company reported a 40% year-over-year revenue growth in Q1 and a 42% jump in free cash flow, driven by new products and services, including Purple AI. SentinelOne’s growth has been steady, as it has topped analysts’ estimates for every quarter but one since going public. Not to mention, SentinelOne trades at a fraction of CrowdStrike’s valuation, presenting an attractive opportunity for investors. Experts believe the market will soon realize its profitability and stability in a lucrative market, which could lead shares to double within six months.



Thursday Closing Price (±% from last week):

Amazon (AMZN)

$197.42 (+6.1%)

Apple (AAPL)

$214.10 (+2.1%)

Alphabet (GOOGL)

$185.41 (+5.2%)

Meta (META)

$519.56 (+3.5%)

Microsoft (MSFT)

$452.85 (+1.6%)

Nvidia (NVDA)

$123.99 (-5.1%)

Tesla (TSLA)

$197.42 (+8.7%)


My credit card was stolen, but I didn’t report it because the thief was spending less than me. 😅

What’s up? Composer allows users to build customizable trading algorithms with AI.

How does this work? 

  1. Create a strategy: With Composer, you can leverage AI to create unique investment strategies. All you have to do is explain your goals and risk concerns in natural language, and the AI-assisted editor will create a detailed strategy for you. For instance, you can say, “I want a low-risk investment strategy that focuses on AI-powered cybersecurity,” and Composer will compile all the relevant data to invest your assets strategically based on your goals. If you don’t know what type of strategy to create or want to explore what other people are doing, you can also explore strategies submitted by the Composer community.

  2. Edit your strategy: After you generate a strategy, you can edit it to your liking. You can swap out assets, adjust programmatic logic, and tweak parameters. You can also add conditional trading and order limits to react to market fluctuations.

  3. Sit back, and get rich (hopefully): After your strategy is complete and edited to your liking, Composer will execute your trades automatically as you sit back and watch the market play out. This is all done with zero commissions and zero management fees.


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