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AI transforms dentistry

Good morning, and happy tater tot Tuesday! Let’s get to the news. 🍟

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: New AI platform transforms dentistry 😁

Entrée: Etherscan’s new AI feature 🦾

Dessert: “Sexbots” stir controversy 😳


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Be sure you don’t eat too many french fries before going to the dentist. Otherwise, you’ll be there for a while. 🦷

What’s new? VideaHealth, a medical tech company, has developed an AI dental platform that is available to 90% of dental practices in the U.S.

How does it work? The FDA-approved system analyzes patients’ X-ray images using an algorithm trained on hundreds of millions of data points to provide diagnoses and recommendations for treatment. Florian Hillen, the founder and CEO of VideaHealth, said the technology "lets dentists examine X-rays for cavities and radiographic bone level findings, comparing them against our AI algorithms,” allowing for “more accurate diagnoses and better preventative care."

How accurate is the tech? This AI platform identifies 43% more cavities, reduces the error rate of misdiagnosis by 50%, and also reduces false positives by 15%.


Crypto bros and gals beware … AI and crypto are joining forces to create a world-destroying, tech-hater’s nightmare! Well, not exactly … but AI is slowly making its way into the crypto space.

What’s new? Ethereum analytics platform and block explorer, Etherscan, launched an AI “code reader” that utilizes AI to identify and interpret the source code of specific contracts.

How does it work? From a user prompt, this code reader generates a response via OpenAI’s large language model, providing insight into the contract’s source code files. After retrieving the files, users can select a particular source code file to peruse. Furthermore, it is also possible to make direct modifications to the source code within the user interface prior to sharing it with the AI.

How can this be used? Etherscan’s AI code reader has a variety of practical applications. These include the ability to delve into the intricacies of contract code by using AI-generated explanations, acquiring extensive compilations of Ethereum-related smart contract functions, and comprehending the interactions between the underlying contract and decentralized applications. 👍


Sexting is being taken to a whole new level in the form of AI “sexbots.” 😳

What’s up? Developers are using open-source code from Meta and OpenAI to create sexbots—chatbots designed for sexual play and sensual conversations.

Are these developments restricted? These sexbots are being built off open-source technology, meaning that this code is freely available to be used by the public with no restrictions.

Are sexbots ethical? The development of these sexbots is causing a stir in the AI community as well as in the general public. Many believe this allows for easy exposure to sexual conversations for youth which can be harmful to their development, and others say these bots promote poor behavior. However, others believe these bots provide a safe space for sexual exploration. As one creator of a sexbot said, “I think it’s good to have a safe outlet to explore. I can’t really think of anything safer than a text-based role-play against a computer, with no humans actually involved.”


The growth of AI Investments and AI Tools are outpacing Government regulation. The Fry Meter jumps one full percentage point today because of this.

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