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AI to shrink 41% of workforces...

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Appetizer: 41% of executives say AI will shrink workforces 😳

Entrée: YouTube accuses OpenAI of stealing data 👁️

Dessert: OpenAI is poaching Tesla employees 🚙


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I recently got fired from the M&M factory … you’d think they’d appreciate me throwing out all the Ws. 🗑️

What’s new? According to a comprehensive survey by Adecco Group, a notable 41% of senior executives foresee AI’s evolution leading to a leaner workforce within the next five years.

Who was surveyed? These results stem from an extensive study involving 2,000 major companies across the globe, and these results echo previous analysis, including a 2023 World Economic Forum study which said 25% of companies expect AI to trigger job losses, while 50% expect the technology to create new roles.

What are the takeaways? Within the next few years, AI will impact almost every industry as it begins to develop the ability to complete tasks currently done by humans. As Adecco CEO Denis Machuel said, “Almost all jobs are going to be impacted by AI one way or another.” Despite many seeing this as a negative thing, Machuel remains optimistic, stating, “AI can be a job killer and it can also be a job creator. Ten years ago there was this big fear many jobs are going to be destroyed by digital, when actually lots of jobs have been created by the digital world. Between jobs created by AI and jobs destroyed, we believe this is going to be balanced.”


Q: Why did the thief become a comedian?

A: He wanted to “steal” the show. 😅

What’s new? Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube, has openly stated that if OpenAI used their content to train their Sora video creation tool, it would be a “clear violation” of its terms of service.

“From a creator’s perspective, when a creator uploads their hard work to our platform, they have certain expectations. One of those expectations is that the terms of service is going to be abided by. It does not allow for things like transcripts or video bits to be downloaded, and that is a clear violation of our terms of service. Those are the rules of the road in terms of content on our platform.”

-Neal Mohan, YouTube CEO

What was the response? OpenAI’s CTO Mira Murati stated that Sora was trained on “publicly available and licensed data,” but was “not sure” whether that included content from YouTube. So the data and copyright wars and cat fights continue, with no end in sight.


A massive talent war has broken out! ⚔️

What’s going on? OpenAI is reportedly looking to poach Tesla’s AI engineers, so Elon Musk is responding by boosting their pay.

How did this start? This war began with the departure of Tesla machine-learning scientist Ethan Knight, who was reportedly leaving to take a job at OpenAI until Musk convinced him to join his own AI venture, xAI. Musk stated, “Ethan was going to join OpenAI, so it was either xAI or them.”

Why is this significant? Like sports teams, tech giants are trying to get the biggest and brightest players on their team to get an advantage in the AI race, and this means throwing around huge amounts of money and incentives. As Musk said, “They [OpenAI] have been aggressively recruiting Tesla engineers with massive compensation offers and have unfortunately been successful in a few cases.” He added, “The talent war for AI is the craziest talent war I’ve ever seen,” and whoever can acquire the best players will have a massive advantage in the space going forward.


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