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How AI is saving African elephants...

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Samsung is bringing AI to devices 📱

Entrée: Nvidia getting “chippy” amidst AI regulations 💾

Dessert: How AI is saving African elephants 🐘


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Samsung … and he had a good voice! 🎤

What’s up? Samsung Electronics has introduced Samsung Gauss, a cutting-edge generative AI model designed for AI applications on devices.

What does it do? Named after the legendary mathematician, Carl Friedrich Gauss, the AI system boasts several compelling features. One of the key features is Samsung Gauss Language, a generative language model which empowers users to compose emails, translate content, and enhance device control for a smarter consumer experience. The platform also offers a coding acceleration feature for in-house developers and Samsung Gauss Image, capable of generating and editing images.

When will it be available? Samsung Gauss is currently utilized for employee productivity and is slated for expansion into various Samsung product applications in the near future. Should Samsung implement this technology in its smartphones, it would be the first in the world to integrate generative AI into its mobile devices, taking a leadership role above Apple in this regard.


For you tech nerds who care about the AI chip issues, things are happening! 🦾

What’s up? Nvidia is adapting to the ever-changing landscape of US-China chip bans and tech relations with the development of three new chips specifically tailored for the Chinese market.

What are the new chips? The H20, L20, and L2 chips are designed to meet China’s increasing demand for AI technology and reflect Nvidia’s resilience in the face of evolving regulations. Despite a moderation in overall performance compared to previous models sold in China, the new chips are strategically positioned to remain competitive in the market, addressing the latest US restrictions on high-performance chip sales to China. This effort from Nvidia is focused on maintaining its influence in China, one of its crucial markets despite US export controls and regulatory challenges. This also comes with a hope that Chinese chip manufacturers don’t emerge and overtake their market amidst the ban.


Elephants labeled on aerial image. Photo: Colossal Biosciences

Elephants are one of Fry Guy’s favorite animals, and now AI is helping to save them! 🙏

What’s new? Biotech startup Colossal Biosciences is teaming up with elephant conservation organization Save the Elephants to employ cutting-edge technology in the study and protection of African elephants.

How will this work? Save the Elephants has been tracking and monitoring over 900 elephants across Africa for 15 years, providing a valuable dataset for Colossal's ambitious project. The startup plans to utilize pose estimation and behavioral analysis tools powered by AI to automatically identify individual elephants and study their decision-making and social interactions. Using a fleet of drones equipped with high-resolution and infrared cameras, researchers aim to observe and understand the behavior of these majestic creatures in Kenya's Samburu National Park. The collaboration not only contributes to elephant conservation but also aligns with Colossal's broader mission of reviving the woolly mammoth. By gaining fundamental insights into elephant behavior, the startup aims to seamlessly re-wild mammoths and enhance conservation efforts globally.


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