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AI radio host is the first of its kind

Tuesdays are for tater tots … and piping hot AI news! 🍟

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: The world’s first AI radio host 📻

Entrée: AI aids cybersecurity efforts 👍

Dessert: AI transforms content supply chain ⛓


👍 Pathfinder: AI personalized plans to achieve your goals. (check it out)

🏀 HoopsGPT: Instant answers to your NBA questions. (check it out)

👯‍♂️ CloneDub: Convert audio into other languages using the same voice. (check it out)


Those that listen to the radio are in for a robotic surprise. 🤖

What happened? KBFF Live 95.5, a radio station based in Portland, Oregon, made history as the world's first radio station with an AI DJ. The radio station will be broadcasting an AI/synthetic version of its host, Ashley Elzinga, from 10am-3pm daily, using Futuri Media’s RadioGPT software.

What are the benefits? The radio station claims that RadioGPT will enable them to highlight their content creators more frequently and in a wider range of situations. They believe it will also allow them to curate information that is more timely, topical, and comprehensive for Alpha audiences and clients, surpassing what was previously achievable.

What are the drawbacks? Although KBFF Live assured that they will not be replacing their human hosts or reducing their pay, it raises a question about why they are needed amidst this new development. Additionally, one of the reasons people choose to listen to radio over music through streaming services is the human touch, getting to hear conversations from the hosts about relevant issues or enjoying some witty banter. The implementation of AI might kill this remaining strength of the industry. 💀


Cyber threats are becoming increasingly detrimental to businesses and individuals, but AI might provide a revolutionary solution. 🙅‍♂️

What happened? Cybersixgill, a leading provider of worldwide cyber threat intelligence data, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) called, "Cybersixgill IQ." This innovative generative AI solution is poised to revolutionize the field of CTI.

How does it work? Cybersixgill IQ applies advanced AI techniques to meet the needs of diverse user profiles and handle different business scenarios. The company's offering streamlines CTI accessibility, empowering users to effortlessly acquire practical insights and solve intricate intelligence inquiries. Cybersixgill IQ provides a diverse selection of tailor-made results, including condensed threat overviews for top-level executives, evaluations of vulnerability exposure for managed service providers, and detailed reports on forensic incidents for detection and response teams. Jon Oltsik, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group and the founder of the firm’s cybersecurity service, stated, “Generative AI can be a force multiplier, helping organizations derive value from threat intelligence. With Cybersixgill IQ, threat analysts and security professionals can now ask critical questions and get immediate, detailed answers, which can accelerate the value of CTI toward proactive investigations.”


IBM and Adobe decided they are going to transform the content supply chain together! ⛓

What’s up? IBM and Adobe have announced an expansion of their partnership, aimed at delivering a content supply chain solution that utilizes generative AI. The collaboration combines Adobe Experience Manager with IBM Watson to automate content creation and enhance workflows.

How is this beneficial? This collaboration provides advantages like better management of content supply chain, quicker product launch, improved effectiveness, and lower expenses. Utilizing Watson's advanced AI abilities, advertisers and artistic experts can create custom-made resources on a large scale, thereby enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction. Furthermore, by utilizing Adobe's AI-driven content supply chain solution and IBM consulting services, the partnership empowers clients to build a complete and interconnected system for their content supply chain. This system will facilitate teamwork, enhance creativity, increase efficiency, automate tasks, and improve stakeholders' insight throughout design and creative assignments.


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