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AI Pilots are Taking to The Skies! ✈️

Happy tater tot Tuesday! Fry Guy here, serving up some extra crispy news 🍟


“This newsletter is a sizzling plate of tech news, seasoned with humor and information. From AI pilots taking over the skies to voice-synthesizing leveling up gaming, it's a feast for tech enthusiasts. But watch out for the moral dilemmas! Blurring the lines between real and simulated voices in gaming could lead to hilarious and potentially disastrous consequences. And Amazon, the speedy delivery champion, wants to take things up a notch with AI-powered regionalization. Brace yourself for lightning-fast deliveries, and don't worry, robots won't steal all the jobs, just the heavy lifting. So, grab your tater tots, sit back, and let the Fry Guy serve you a side of crispy news. Bon appétit!”

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: AI pilots 👨‍✈️

Entrée: AI voices transform gaming 🕹

Dessert: Amazon (AI) Prime? 📦


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Next time you board a plane, your navigation of the turbulence and tricky landing might just be in the hands of a robot … ✈️

Tim Clark, president of the famous airline, Emirates, believes AI might be the future of air travel. He knows this might concern some people who don’t trust the revolutionary technology, but he believes AI could actually make air travel safer and streamline many human-run processes. He says, “A lot of people are concerned about what AI should and shouldn't be doing … but if you're in business and you've got something as powerful as this coming along and you're very processes driven, manpower intensive, you've got to take time to look at what this could do to improve what you do.“

Clark does believe, at least at first, that it would be necessary to have a human pilot on board even with AI technology flying the plane. He said, “Pilots are not merely plane drivers; they are highly skilled professionals who play a crucial role in a comprehensive safety system that ensures the safe arrival of passengers, crew, and cargo at their destinations.” Nonetheless, he believes that AI will, without a doubt, be implemented into piloting in the near future! 🛩


Video games are about to get more immersive than ever! AI voice-synthesizing is here to level up the gaming experience. This cutting-edge technology is being hailed as a game-changer, allowing game characters to have realistic, dynamic voices and automated real-time responses which adapt to players' actions and choices, immersing the player in the gaming experience like never before. 👾

Like many implementations of AI, the ethical and moral implications of AI voice-synthesizing need to be carefully considered. As one expert warns, "There is a risk of blurring the lines between real and simulated voices, which could have consequences." While the technology offers incredible potential, it raises concerns about identity theft, misinformation, and the impact on voice actors in the gaming industry.

Developers are aware of these challenges and are working on ways to address them. Shreyas Nivas, the chief executive of Replica Studios, says, “There’s a lot of things to get right, but we’re trying to build this in a way in which we take the voice actors along on a journey with us. So we’re trying to be transparent about the process.”

As technology advances, safeguards and regulations will likely be put in place to protect both players and voice actors. Nonetheless, this is just the start for the revolution of the gaming industry. 🎮


Amazon Prime is not fast enough for Amazon! The company is focusing on using artificial intelligence to speed up deliveries even more, especially for the amazon customer who does not hold a “Prime” subscription.

Amazon has been focusing on a so-called “regionalization” effort to ship products to customers from warehouses closest to them rather than from another part of the country. Stefano Perego, vice president of customer fulfillment and global ops services for North America and Europe at Amazon, explained what this means. He said, “I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the vast selection we offer to our customers. Imagine how complex the problem is of deciding where to place that unit of inventory. And to place it in a way that we reduce distance to fulfill to customers, and we increase speed of delivery.” But storing inventory in the right spots requires the analyzing of vast amounts data and patterns in order to predict what products will be in demand and where. This is where AI can be utilized.

AI can analyze data and purchasing patterns to predict which type of products will be ordered more frequently in certain regions. In this way, Amazon can store similar products in that region to enable more same-day or next-day deliveries, like what its Prime subscription service offers.

What impact will this have on jobs? Well, Perego said that when automation and AI become more widespread, they will change, rather than eliminate, the jobs that workers perform. He stated, “Eventually, the type of job that an employee will be called to do in a fulfillment center will be increasingly a high judgment type of job, and the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks will be done through robotics. It’s a transformation rather than a substitution.” 🦾

Amazon is already making quick strides towards more automated processes, claiming that 75% of their orders are being handled in part by robotics. With the further implementation of AI data analyzing, be prepared to get your orders quicker than ever!


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