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AI personalizes sports betting

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Good morning, AI peeps! We are proud to help you start off your week with the latest and greatest in the world of AI. 🦾

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Appetizer: AI personalizes sports betting 🏈

Entrée: Apple to implement AI into new iPad, iOS 18 📱

Dessert: An AI chip based on the human brain 🧠


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Sports betting and AI are two of the hottest topics as of late, and now they are starting to come together! 🏀

What’s going on? SharpLink Gaming is bringing generative AI to sports betting. Their new tech solution, BetSense, is an AI-driven personalization engine for internet betting.

How does it work? BetSense, currently in a testing phase with sportsbook SaharaBets, utilizes the power of machine learning to tailor sports betting experiences to the individual interests and preferences of users. BetSense leverages the data from a bettor's personal account management (PAM) system to create user personas. These personas enable the platform to offer personalized betting options, content, and real-time updates, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying betting experience. As SharpLink co-founder and CEO Rob Phythian described, "Let’s say I get some good data on your betting behavior from the PAM and I understand you like the New York Giants, you’re a $50 player, you’re a parlay guy and you like fantasy player props—whatever it is—I build a persona.” He goes on to say that from here, "We’ve got some content, some interaction with the weather or injuries… and we know your appetite for betting so we can tailor an offer."

Why? Phythian's vision is to enhance user retention by using AI to generate relevant content and betting offers. He highlights that personalization can increase user engagement by as much as 20%, a crucial factor in an industry increasingly focused on retaining customers. With AI-driven personalization, sports betting is set to catch up with the demands of the younger generation and transform the way users interact with their preferred betting platforms.


Q: What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

A: Finding half a worm. 🍎

What’s happening? Apple is gearing up to implement generative AI technology on the iPhone and iPad, with a potential launch slated for the end of the next year.

How will this roll out? Apple is making significant strides in AI by building a substantial number of AI servers this year—and even more in the following year—to prepare for this technological leap. The approach involves a combination of cloud-based AI and "edge AI," which will enable more on-device data processing. According to the current timeline, AI could make its way to iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, ushering in a new era of smarter and more personalized experiences for Apple device users.


Photo: IBM Corp.

If the brain was a computer chip … what would it look like? 🤔

What’s new? IBM researchers in San Jose, California, have unveiled the development of what is called the NorthPole processor chip, a brain-inspired computing powerhouse.

What makes this chip different? The NorthPole chip employs neural networks for tasks like image recognition, and its design is inspired by the intricate connections found in the human cerebral cortex. In standard benchmark tests, NorthPole consistently outperforms existing AI chips and consumes just one-fifth of the energy despite not utilizing the latest manufacturing processes. What sets the NorthPole chip apart is its ability to eliminate the frequent need for external memory access, a common bottleneck in conventional computing architectures. Unlike traditional AI chips, which shuttle data between chips and memory (known as the Von Neumann bottleneck), NorthPole features 256 computing cores, each with its dedicated memory. This design reduces data transfer inefficiencies and results in remarkably faster processing and substantially lower energy consumption.



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