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AI in healthcare faces legal issues

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Appetizer: AI predicts hurricanes in advance 🌀

Entrée: UnitedHealth AI faces lawsuit 👨‍⚖️

Dessert: Airbnb’s $200 million investment 💰


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Here I am! … Rock me like a hurricane! 🎶

What’s new? A new Google DeepMind tool called “GraphCast” is revolutionizing hurricane forecasting, potentially saving lives with its ability to provide earlier and more accurate predictions than traditional methods.

How does it work? GraphCast recently outperformed the renowned European Medium Range Weather Forecasting model in 90% of predictive categories by predicting the landfall of Hurricane Lee in Canada three days in advance. While conventional forecasting relies on vast computing power and complex equations, GraphCast utilizes machine learning to analyze historical data, offering rapid and precise forecasts using significantly less computing power.

What does this mean? The success of AI in predicting severe weather events like hurricanes marks a significant leap forward, providing communities with crucial time to prepare for potential disasters. Skeptics of the technology warn that human consulting is still needed before AI weather predictions should be released, but others see this verification process as defeating the purpose of early detection by the technology.


AI’s overuse may have gotten it in big trouble. 🧑‍⚖️

What’s happening? In a proposed class action lawsuit filed on Tuesday, UnitedHealth Group Inc. faces accusations of using an AI algorithm, nH Predict, to systematically deny claims for extended care, particularly targeting elderly patients requiring nursing facility stays.

What is the lawsuit about? Two beneficiaries’ family members, now deceased, assert that UnitedHealth forced them to pay out of pocket for medically necessary care. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Minnesota, seeks to represent a nationwide class of individuals on Medicare Advantage insurance plans, potentially numbering in the tens of thousands and with damages reaching billions of dollars.

What is the problem with the algorithm? The algorithm in question, developed by NaviHealth Inc (acquired by UnitedHealth in 2020), evaluates claims for post-acute care. The complaint alleges that UnitedHealth utilizes nH Predict to prematurely and in bad faith discontinue payment for healthcare services, emphasizing how AI is exploited for corporate gain rather than assisting individuals. Notably, when these denials are appealed, about 9/10 are reversed, exposing the algorithm's "blatant inaccuracy." The lawsuit contends that UnitedHealth’s use of nH Predict violates patient contracts and insurance laws, seeking a court order to halt the practice and award monetary damages. UnitedHealth has not yet responded to the allegations.


I tried to book an Airbnb in the mountains, but it turned out to be an uphill battle. 🏔️

What’s new? In its first acquisition as a public company, Airbnb has acquired GameplannerAI, a secretive startup co-founded by Adam Cheyer and Siamak Hodjat, for just under $200 million.

Why? Adam Cheyer, renowned for his role in launching Siri, sees the potential for AI to revolutionize the platform into a personalized "travel concierge." Brian Chesky, Airbnb's CEO, agrees, as he envisions GamePlanner AI’s 12-person team leveraging their expertise to create AI-driven experiences akin to an AI-focused consultancy. This AI could learn user preferences over time, enhancing travel experiences by recommending the most suitable accommodations.

What does this mean? Airbnb has recently implemented AI into their booking platform to ensure customer and renter safety and efficiency. With this new deal, Airbnb is stepping further into not only the short-term renting space but is enhancing the entire travel experience for their users. This positions Airbnb at the forefront of AI usage in the travel industry.


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