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Are AI companions curing loneliness?

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Appetizer: Introducing Slack AI 💬

Entrée: Study finds AI companions help loneliness 🙂

Dessert: An industrial communication solution 🏭


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I can’t come up with a good introduction for this story. You’re just going to have to cut me some “slack.” 🙃

What’s new? Slack, the workspace messaging app, has launched Slack AI, an intelligent assistant aiming to combat information overload and help users navigate Slack conversations more easily.

How does it work? Slack AI offers three main features: thread summarization, channel summarization, and an enhanced search feature. For the summarization features, users can access summaries by clicking a star icon in the desired thread or channel, receiving a bite-sized list of essential information. This eliminates the need to scour through lengthy conversations, perfect for catching up after meetings, vacations, or simply staying on top of fast-paced discussions. Instead of delving into the sometimes very lengthy exchanges between colleagues, users can leverage Slack AI for a quick and concise chat summary. This instant grasp of the situation allows users to jump right in, armed with the essential details. Additionally, the search function allows users to find the details of a certain project by keyword or get an explanation for foreign terminology. This enhanced search function also allows users to locate specific messages for reference or find conversations about topics or projects easily.


Do you want to know how to cure loneliness? Watch a horror movie by yourself in a dark room. The feeling will soon go away. 😳

What happened? A new study published in Mental Health Research explored whether chatbots like Replika can combat loneliness and even prevent suicide in young adults. The results highlighted surprising potential benefits.

Who was surveyed? The study included 1,006 current U.S. students over the age of 18 who have been interacting with Replika, an AI companion, for at least 1 month.

What were the results? The study found that 90% of the participants who decided to use Replika reported loneliness, exceeding the average rate of loneliness (53%) in this age group. This underlines a major motivation for seeking out an AI companion. Additionally:

  • Over 63% of participants experienced positive outcomes with Replika, including companionship, self-improvement, and even suicide prevention.

  • About half (501) of the participants said they viewed Replika as a friend, while 30 credited it with directly preventing their suicidal actions.

  • Users held conflicting beliefs about Replika, with the majority perceiving it as intelligent, human-like, and software simultaneously.

What does this mean? The researchers recognize that AI chatbots like Replika could play a meaningful role in addressing loneliness and suicide prevention among young adults. However, ethical considerations regarding user perception, potential dependence, and accessibility remain crucial. As time goes on, we can expert further research to explore the long-term impacts of these human-AI interactions. As we explore the potential of chatbots to help combat loneliness and other mental health challenges, careful consideration of both benefits and potential risks is paramount.


I’ve just been fired from a clock making factory … even though I put in all those extra hours. ⏰

What’s new? Nokia has introduced “MX Workmate,” an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize communication in industrial settings.

How does it work? This tool employs generative AI large language models to craft human-like messages for industrial workers, providing real-time warnings about machinery malfunctions and suggesting strategies to enhance factory productivity. Stephane Daeuble, Head of Enterprise Solutions Marketing at Nokia, expressed, “The idea is we have an assistant that’s there to help the worker make sense of all [the relevant] data.” The Nokia developers are still working on tackling potential hallucinations which could be dangerous in industrial settings, but they are hopeful that real and safe implementations of the system will take place in about a year.


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The Singularity Meter falls 2.0%: U.S. patent office confirms AI can’t hold patents
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