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Is AI coming for your job?

Good morning, potato lovers! A new week means fresh and crispy AI news, so let’s get to it 🍟

Today’s Menu

Appetizer: Is AI coming for your job? 😬

Entrée: OpenAI “opens” their wallet for cybersecurity 💰

Dessert: An AI-powered traffic camera 🚗


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There has been a lot of buzz about AI replacing jobs in the future, but a new report shows it is already happening … 😬

What happened? According to data from Challenger, Gray & Christmas (CGC), AI contributed to 3,900 lost jobs this past month. This means AI was responsible for roughly 5% of all jobs lost in May, making it the seventh-highest contributor to lost employment.

What does this mean for the future? This is the first time AI has appeared on The Challenger Report, but it will certainly not be the last. The industry is projected to grow over $1 trillion this year, and many big companies (such as IBM) have already stated that they plan to use AI to replace human workers. In fact, CGC reported last month that ChatGPT alone has the capability to replace almost 5 million U.S. jobs. This data serves as a heightened call for the upskilling of human employees and for government regulation which might serve to protect the rights of human workers.

What the job market will look like in the long term, amidst AI, is uncertain. However, the unchecked growth and usage of the technology certainly poses a significant risk to human employment, at least as we know it.


Big tech is opening up the wallet on cybersecurity, spending almost as much money as I spend on fries. 💸

What happened? OpenAI, the tech giant behind ChatGPT, has announced a $1 million cybersecurity grant program to enhance and measure the impact of AI-driven cybersecurity technologies. The company stated, “Our aim is to foster the advancement of AI-driven cybersecurity capabilities for defenders through grants and additional assistance.“

What’s the purpose?

  1. “Empower the defenders” by emphasizing responsible AI developments and collaborative efforts to shift the balance in favor of those dedicated to enhancing overall safety and security.

  2. “Measure capabilities” by providing support to companies and developers who are working on ways to measure the effectiveness of AI models used for cybersecurity.

  3. “Elevate the discourse” by invoking dialogue on the vital relationship between AI and cybersecurity.

Open AI has been continually leading the charge for regulated, sustainable AI growth, and they hope this grant sets an example for other big tech companies to follow. 🤝


I know our newsletter is cool and all, but please don’t read it while driving! 🙏

What’s happening? A new, AI-powered traffic camera was trialled in Victoria, Australia over the last month. During this trial period, the AI-powered camera caught over 1,500 drivers and 225 passengers not wearing seatbelts in the car and almost 1,200 drivers were caught using their cellphones while driving.

How does it work? This camera utilizes a variety of angles and recognition algorithms to capture high resolution pictures of instances where people in the front seat of vehicles are not wearing seatbelts or where the drivers are looking down at their cell phones. There are currently 3 cameras around Victoria, but the plan is to implement over 200 in the next few months! For now, the drivers are getting away with a warning, but starting on July 1st, these drivers will be slapped with 4 demerit points and a $577 fine.

Good thing this report said nothing about eating fries and driving … otherwise Fry Guy would be in some serious trouble. 🍟


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