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AI can help you find your next job...

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Today’s Menu

Appetizer: LinkedIn’s “AI jobseeker coach” 👷‍♂️

Entrée: Microsoft includes AI Copilot in Windows 11 update 🦾

Dessert: Microsoft’s disastrous AI-generated poll 😬


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AI might be playing a vital role in helping you find your next job! 🤖

What’s new? LinkedIn has introduced an AI-powered chatbot called the "job seeker coach." The platform just reached 1 billion members, and this move is part of a broader strategy to enhance the user experience and expand its offerings.

How does it work? This AI chatbot, available for Premium members, leverages OpenAI's GPT-4 technology and is designed to assist users in assessing the suitability of job opportunities. Users can launch the job seeker coach from a job posting by selecting one of a few questions, such as “Am I a good fit for this job?” and “How can I best position myself for this job?” By analyzing a user's LinkedIn profile and experience, the chatbot can offer personalized advice, such as identifying relevant skills and pointing out potential gaps in their qualifications. It aims to make the job application process more insightful and efficient, helping users make informed decisions about their career moves.

What else? LinkedIn has put measures in place to prevent biases and ensure equity in job recommendations, revealing their dedication to responsible AI. By combining AI models for job matching with the new chatbot, LinkedIn aims to provide a highly personalized and fair job seeking experience for its users.


Q: Did you hear about a house built by Microsoft?

A: It excels in the outlook from its windows. 😅

What’s up? Microsoft has announced the rollout of a significant update to its Windows 11 operating system, introducing their new feature known as Copilot.

What is Copilot? Copilot is a chatbot-based assistant designed to streamline user interactions with the Windows 11 ecosystem. Its capabilities bear a resemblance to OpenAI's ChatGPT, allowing it to create human-like text and perform various tasks with minimal human input. This generative AI is powered by large language models developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, drawing from vast datasets to compose emails, answer questions, and execute actions within the Windows environment. Additionally, this update includes several other exciting features, such as a virtual video editor, screen reading enhancements in various languages, energy saving options, and smarter snipping tools.

What does this mean? Copilot represents a notable shift in Windows 11 updates, offering users a virtual assistant that outperforms its predecessor, Cortana. It also sets an example for other companies to follow by revealing the potential for seamless integration of AI tools into future software.


Photo: Screenshot by The Guardian

Just when we thought Microsoft was doing great with AI implementation, a dark side of the technology is revealed. 😳

What happened? The Guardian recently accused Microsoft of damaging its reputation through an AI-generated poll.

Why? The Guardian's criticism centers on a troubling incident in which a poll labeled "Insights from AI" appeared on Microsoft Start alongside their story about a woman's death. The poll asked readers to vote on the cause of her demise, which included options such as suicide, murder, or accident. While the poll was eventually removed, the damage had already been done, with readers expressing their discontent.

What was done about it? The incident prompted The Guardian to reach out to Microsoft for clarification. Microsoft general manager Kit Thambiratnam responded by deactivating Microsoft AI-generated polls for news articles and launching an investigation into the inappropriate content. Thambiratnam acknowledged that such an error should not have occurred and emphasized that steps would be taken to prevent its recurrence.


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